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Hats for Fall

This summer I really embraced the hat trend. I think I loved them for a few solid reasons. One, I have a huge forehead, so anything that covers that up a bit is gold. Two, they’re great when you want to skip a hair wash day (guilty) or if the weather (humidity/rain) is going to be an issue. And three, they add a certain chicness to pretty much any outfit. So a win/win/win as far as I’m concerned.

When summer ended, I was sad to have to put away my summer hats until next year. But I’ve been on the hunt for great fall options.

Fall Hats

Wool Fedora // Barbour Fedora // Wool Beret

Indiana Wool Fedora // Classic Wool Fedora // Wide-Brimmed Wool Hat

Corduroy Baseball Cap // Wool Boater Hat // Floppy Wool Hat

Fedora with Grosgrain Bow // Short-Brimmed Wool Hat // Navy Wool Hat

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Taylor Cannon

Thanks for sharing Carly! I have always wanted to incorporate cute hats into my wardrobe but have been intimidated by so many styles. These tips are super helpful!
Taylor Cannon (Living Taylored)