5 Recipes to Make for the Fourth of July

While we had a grill at our old apartment, it was definitely a smaller one that wasn’t too obtrusive in our backyard. Mike’s upgrading to a nice one for our house and I’m super jazzed for it to come too. Not necessarily to grill myself (although I’m not opposed to learning), but mostly to eat. I’m sure we’ll be having summer barbecues with friends all summer long!!

5 Recipes to Make for the Fourth of July

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I truly can’t believe that we’re almost at the 4th of July! I celebrate Canada Day here (it’s on July 1st) and I’ve already started planning my menu. I have a few favourites that I’ll bring to a barbecue (Canada Day is always a barbecue for us)–these are tried and true crowd-pleasers!


1. Creamy Potato Salad


This recipe is actually called the ‘Great Canadian Potato Salad’. It’s a creamy potato salad with celery, pickles and hot banana peppers–definitely one of those ‘special occasion’ kind of potato salads.

  1. 2. S’mores rice crispy treats

So many people made these rice crispy treats for the 4th of July last year, I thought I’d share them again because they are so good.

  1. 3. Pasta Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

This is a lighter pasta salad–because of the spinach, I usually make this recipe on the day, but you could leave the spinach out and prep it ahead!

  1. 4. ‘Red, White & Blue’ sangria

Peaches and blueberries with a touch of basil and rose? Need I say more. You can also use sparkling water in here if you want to skip the alcohol.

  1. 5. Summer quinoa salad

This is a tried-and-true favourite that I come back to every single year. Everyone loves it!

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These recipes look amazing. The pasta salad and smores rice krispies treats have my name on them! Can’t wait to try them.


I may have just scrolled past the other recipes to get to the S’mores rice krispie bars ahah! That looks delicious! Easy to make gluten free too for anyone else interested because I found gf graham crackers at Whole Foods!! Yummm

xx Libby