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I wanted to share some of the best sellers on here. I find it interesting to see what other people are buying and are into. Sometimes it’s exactly what I predict will fly off the shelves (so to speak) and sometimes you guys surprise me!

Especially as we’re only a couple of weeks away from Fourth of July when the summer sales start (side note: WHYYYYY it’s, like, HI summer is actually just starting!!), it could be a good time to start taking notes of things you’d normally not splurge on.


Originally worn in this post

This is shaping up to be the blog’s number one seller of the year so far and it’s so strong, I know it’s going to be a top five by the end of the year. Like, wow. I actually thought this was going to be one of those things that I loved but didn’t sell. Happy to see that you guys love it too 😊 I love how versatile the fit is with the smocking. It can work for different body shapes and I think that might be why it’s been so popular.

Slip Dress


I haven’t officially posted this on the blog yet besides a mention in an On My Radar post and a brief boomerang on Instagram stories. But here’s another sneak peek of the upcoming outfit post. I hadn’t even tried it on yet when I posted about it on here and, wow, this dress is a) a bargain and b) so stylish. I went into a Theory store to return a sweater (which was nearly $300 and completely see-through, no thanks) while wearing it and the lady working there could not believe that I paid less than $40 on it. 💁🏻‍♀️


Originally worn in this post

This entire outfit was a hit, but the shoes were insane. I have been wearing them a lot this summer. I’m usually a Jack Rogers kind of girl and so it’s kind of fun to mix it up for me. They are so comfortable. Like so, so, so comfortable. I risked wearing them for the first time in Paris (where we like to walk a lot) and had no blisters. Kind of like a miracle shoe. I have the brown and have found them to be incredibly versatile (you can see them again with a different style of dress here) and they also come in navy!


Originally worn in this post

It makes me so happy to hear that you are loving Sezane as much as I am. I think it may be my favorite retailer right now, which is saying something!! Even though they’re a French brand, shipping/returns are free and VERY fast. (It comes via DHL within a few short days.) It’s hard to measure if things are best sellers or not from Sezane because the window in which item are available is small– they do small batches to keep things as sustainable as possible. With that said, I always see a huge uptick in sales on the day they launch a new collection so I know everyone is as eager for a new drop as I am!


Originally worn in this post

I’m sure the frequency with which I’ve worn these shoes has helped them pop to the top of the list. They’re my most comfortable “heel” for the summer, even if they’re just wedges, making them my go-to choice for a dressier look. I can comfortably wear these all day (or night!). And the canvas is so versatile.


I’m SO HAPPY to see these on the list because they’re one of my best purchases of the year. I HATE socks. I’ve hated them my entire life (tights are even worse). As a kid, I hated the feeling of the toe seams and even though that doesn’t bother me as much anymore, I’d still opt to not wear socks over wearing them. (The only time I 100% for sure choose socks is for running, but otherwise? Probably not.) That is, at least, until these Bombas showed up in my life. I can’t say that there aren’t better options out there for a cheaper price (because I haven’t tried them), but I can totally vouch for Bombas. I freaking love these things and they’ve changed the game comfort-wise for wearing certain shoes for me. They feel so good on and do not show and do not slip down. 🙌🏻

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The smocked ruffle top, red Sezane dress, and espadrilles are my favorites! I actually bought the smocked ruffle top because I thought it looked amazing on you. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it looks quite as good on me :/ But I still think you have excellent taste and I love when you post new outfits! It’s great style inspiration!


I was one of the ones who bought the navy J. Crew dress you’re wearing with the slingbacks and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it already! It’s so easy to dress up or down, it’s been the perfect basic for me 🙂


I love this post Carly! It’s always fun to see what people are actually buying vs. what we might think they’d love/not love. Super interesting! You should do these type of posts more often! I can surely see why everyone loves that smoked top! You are so right, the espadrilles are so comfy! I have the Castaner pair and I am legit like, “Why have I worn heels all my life?! I should have just invested in some espadrilles!”

Katie |


OK, I know you read these before publishing so you can choose whether or not to post. I was curious about your income (yes, it’s nosy) so I did the ole Google to see what would come up. This came up which kind of surprised me, and had me thinking it sounded so detailed and specific that it could be true? Anyway it bummed me out to see if it were, even feeling a little foolish.

” I work for a brand that works a lot with Carly. I’ve known her for about three years and over time her ego has grown so large her head is about to explode. When I first met her, I would describe her as Jenny Humphrey on her way to becoming Blair Waldorf. She is now full on Blair Waldorf and she isn’t afraid to let you know it, as long as it’s behind closed doors with a NDA. She plays pretend as containing to be Jenny because Jenny is relatable (at least in the first season). Jenny can make parents open their wallets to buy $300 handbags for 15 year olds. Blair Waldorf can’t… You’re right, between an NDA and insider trading considerations, I’d like to keep my workplace in the dark.

In person, Carly doesn’t really come across as how she does on her blog. When you’re sitting across a table from Carly, not the College Prepster, you have to wonder where all these “panic attacks” come from. She’s very driven, focused, and not that into small talk. She can do small talk just fine, but she’d prefer to get down to business….Businesses will work with all sorts of shitty people to make a buck. It’s the nature of the beast. When we work with bloggers and sponsor a post, it’s like buying an ad in magazine. Is her behavior shitty? Obviously. In the long run, Carly’s behavior is pretty vanilla. She goes long lengths to keep her nose clean. The whole teacher thing was really off-brand for her….

Carly also does a lot of consulting, and this is where she tends to make more money. A lot of brands she normally wouldn’t partner with on her blog (cough Abercrombie cough) will hire her, mostly for marketing purposes. We’ve done similar. We’ll tell her a demographic we want to reach, and would Product A, B, or C be best for this promotion? She’ll give us an answer and maybe some other advice. She does a good job with consulting, her advice has been pretty sound.”

I hate to be one of those weird, believe people on the internet, but it’s SO SPECIFIC and industry heavy. Just wanted to put it out there, curious if you would respond. Here is the link if you’d like to see:


Completely false! I don’t consult and I don’t have an NDA… so no idea what this person is talking about!