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Don’t worry, it’s Saturday! I rearranged my editorial calendar so I could time up our moving announcement with the day of our move. It’s been such a whirlwind of a week and I have a feeling the next week or so is going to be just as crazy with unpacking and settling into a new routine. I’m actually writing this late Friday night because I haven’t had the time to schedule anything ahead of time. Whoops! I can barely keep my eyes open so this may be short & sweet…. I’m looking at a sea of boxes with thoughts vacillating between, “Why am I not a minimalist” and “OMG is this actually our house????”


Okay here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Dad Posts “Don’t Give Up” Signs

After a cluster of teen suicides in his town, a dad continued a “You Matter” campaign by posting signs with encouraging messages. The signs contain simple yet meaningful messages that could totally make a difference in someone’s life. From “You’re Worthy of Love” to “Your Mistakes Don’t Define You,” the signs are there for those who need it. 

TWO // Watermelon Cable Knit Sweater

How cute is this watermelon cable knit sweater?! I love the yellow.

THREE // Truckla, The World’s First Tesla Pickup Truck

Simone Giertz, an epic (EPIC) inventor, just created the world’s first Tesla pickup truck and I LOVED the fake commercial they did for it. If you’re curious how they built it, she also did a behind the scenes video and I’m here for it. Like, so cool. And I’m sure Tesla is taking notes.

FOUR // Gingham Margaux Flats

You know I love my Margaux flats… and they just released a gingham pair. Ugh, it’s like they made them for me.

FIVE // Elementary School Students Learn Sign Language

This story warmed my heart all the way through. Students at an elementary school learned sign language to help one of their kindergarten classmates who happens to be deaf. It’s not a school for the deaf. It wasn’t mandatory for kids to learn it. They just decided to. I loved that a lot of the sign language they knew was picked up from her aide! Everyone learns that way and everyone feels included and welcome.

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I love those signs. We’ve had several teen suicides in my area as well. It’s really scary that kids these days feel so much pressure.


I’ve been seeing the Don’t Give Up Signs all over town here in Seattle! Passed one on my running route on a particularly tough run and it was perfectly timed. I hadn’t seen the story behind them yet. Thanks for sharing!

Haley Jackson

I love the concept of this post. It is so casual and personal, yet fun. I loved the story of elementary school kids. Especially since I am in college to be a speech-language pathologist, I love to see the inclusion of extraordinary children!