5 Ways to Improve Your Morning

These “Five Ways to” segments are turning into my favorite ones on here. I think there are so many little ways we can make improvements in our lives. Simple little adjustments here and there can make a big impact on our happiness and overall productivity.
So many times we’re told that there are no “quick fixes” that I find it nice when there really are quick things to do. Tweaking routines is a little bit of a challenge; they are, after all, routines. But I am a firm believer that the way you start a morning will set you up for how you react to (and enjoy) the rest of the day. Regardless of which side of the bed you wake up on, here are five things you can do to improve your morning:
1) Wake up 15 minutes earlier | Do you find yourself rushing in the morning? Giving yourself an extra fifteen minutes is a good way to start the day on the right foot. Fifteen minutes is pretty doable even if you’re not a morning person. After a week, your body will definitely begin to adjust to the new routine.
2) Read for 20-30 minutes | I read every morning and feel like it lets me clear my head and get the juices in the brain going. Even though I’m definitely a morning person (once I’m up, I’m up), my brain takes a little bit to get up to full speed. Reading jump starts the thinking. It’s also great because it’s kind of like clicking the reset button! I tend to read after I’ve gotten completely ready, but sometimes I read newspaper articles on my iPhone in bed while I’m waking up.
3) Check the weather first thing | There’s nothing more annoying than rushing out the door only to realize it’s 20 degrees warmer (or cooler) than you thought…. Actually, it’s more annoying to find out that it’s raining. Plan outfits the night before, but double check the morning of to make sure you’re good to go. You can decide whether to bring a sweater or an umbrella.
4) Make a cup of coffee or tea | I’m partial to coffee (in fact, I’m addicted). Especially now that we’re moving into the colder months, I think it’s nice and cozy to start the day off with a hot cuppa. Since I’m out the door at the crack of dawn, I tend to buy coffee at Starbucks and work there for a couple of hours. But if I am working out of my apartment, I bring the cup of coffee around the apartment with me while I get ready!
5) Write your daily to do list | I try to write down my to do list first thing in the morning. Waiting a couple of hours only makes me more stressed because I’m not really sure what lies ahead. Writing it all out makes me feel much more relaxed and takes a weight off my shoulders. (It’s also a good thing to do before you get ready… while you’re getting ready if you remember something you can just add it to the list!)
I’m all about reducing the stressfulness of hectic mornings to set up really productive days!!!
What tips would you add?

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this isn't a morning tip but a comment on to do lists. I like to write my to do list at night before bed. often times after work I think about things I forgot to do, or new things to do the next day that I'll keep myself up at night thinking about it. worse, I forget half of those things in the am. a night time list helps me rest my mind and fall asleep knowing nothing will be forgotten!


I set my iPhone alarm to say a goal or something I want to accomplish that day/week. That way I have a little extra boost in the morning to start accomplishing it!

laura emily

Excellent tips; the 15minutes earlier one really works! I do that every 'work' morning and it enables me to check through my emails and blogs so I start the day feeling up to date.

Laura Moreno

The 15-minute thing is awesome. I do it everyday and it's great because I know if I want an extra 15 minutes in bed, I can hit the snooze button and that way I'm up right at the time my alarm would have gone off! And coffee!! If I am out of the house early enough I stop by the coffee shop on the way to class and depending what time it is I either grab it to go or sit down and check emails while I drink it… if not I have my coffee maker pre-set for a certain time so when I wake up I just pour it and go!


These are really good ways to improve mornings. I especially like the reading one. You've inspired me to start reading more in the mornings now 🙂

Sweet, Pink and Preppy

I'd add choosing an outfit the night before…it makes things a lot easier in the morning. My mom made me start doing this in preschool…apparently I was a difficult fashionista back then.

Daniela R.

I not only set up my clothes the night before but I also leave my bag organized and ready to go. I find it much easier if I can just pick it up and leave, instead of wasting looking for everything I need in the morning


Like you, Carly, I just started my first grown-up job. I've started spending 20 minutes or so on Sunday nights to write down my outfits for Monday to Friday on a Post-It that I stick on my dresser. A healthy amount of Pinterest browsing is good inspiration, and I've noticed how much more put together I feel when I've given thought to my clothes, rather than just picking more blah choices on the day of. I love knowing ahead of time that I have one less thing to worry about! Bonus: I no longer spend extra time in the shower, stalling under the water as I think of what I'm going to put on when I get out!


I tend to read and drink my tea at work, because I value my sleep so much now that I'm an adult! I'm going to try to wake up 15 minutes early, but I can't make promises!
Plus I love drinking tea at work because we have it for free in the breakroom, so I never have to spend money or take time to stop at Starbucks to get some!

carelessly graceful


I can't tell you how obvious yet essential the "check the weather" one is. Here in NYC, you'll occasionally see a girl in shorts or a mini skirt when clearly she didn't get the memo that it's chilly out. She spent so much time planning the perfect outfit only to look like a fool due to not checking the weather! Listen to your moms people and always remember to check the weather.

Tikaa Herridge-Cone

I set the alarm earlier, but I need to make myself actually get out of the bed. I'm usually laying there checking my emails, instagram,etc… I need to focus on getting up and getting moving.
Check the weather needs to become one of my routines.

Thanks for the tips,
green acres

Paige Ladisic

I'm guilty of always waking up fifteen minutes before I have to leave for class, and it needs to stop! But I do always leave time to check the weather, which is something I've never done. Maybe I'll start setting my alart for 7:45 instead of 8! One day I'll actually get out of bed at 8, I always feel so much better when I don't lay in bed all morning.

Briana Luca

The 15 minute thing is golden! I always check social media before I get out of bed to allow myself a few extra minutes to wake up.

These are awesome tips! Thanks 🙂



These are all great tips, and I agree with all of them! The only one I'd add is to listen to a podcast you enjoy as you get ready for work/school. It's like reading in that it gets your brain going, but you can multitask if you're like me and never get up early enough.

Megan G.

This is all really cool, and a couple of these things I do already! Except getting up 15 minutes before I should sometimes proves to be a hassle haha.