Ah… The Little Black Dress. I think it’s one of those things that you need no matter what your personal style is. And that’s the great thing about the Little Black Dress, you can find one that fits YOU perfectly– both size and style wise.

So many options!
What I like about LBDs:
1) Classic– as long as you go with a classic cut, you can wear it year after year. I like to tuck my LBDs away in the back of my closet to bring out during wardrobe “Nothing To Wear” crises. There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than discovering an old dress in the back of the closet. It’s like running into an old friend!
2) Easy and comfortable– I mean, it really doesn’t get easier than a simple black dress. Very little thought needs to go into it. You can find them in just about every store at just about every price point. Plus, if the dress is an old favorite, you’re guaranteed to feel comfortable all night long
3) Flexible– you could seriously wear the same dress every single day for a week and just accessorize differently. You can create all sorts of “looks” using the dress as a baseline. Hair up and heels for a chic look. Flats and a blazer to show you mean business. Bright shoes and a belt for a fun party.
4) Chic– sometimes you just want to feel a little bit more grown up. LBDs can be sophisticated and feminine. Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel like a million bucks in a chic black dress.

Scroll through the widget below to find some of my favorite LBDs right now:

Do you wear LBDs? Where is your favorite one from and how do you accessorize?


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Love this post! My sorority is required to wear black dresses with sleeves (at least shoulders covered) for certain occasions, and it's always hard to find a classic but cute dress without looking like we're heading to a funeral. I love the Banana Republic dress you posted. My favorite right now in my closet is a wrap dress from Loft I bought two years ago. When I don't want to wear pants, I wear it. When I need something last minute, I wear it. It's not as formal as I'd like, but I have a simple strapless LBD as well, and that works great with heels and a statement necklace. You can never have too many simple dresses!


I think an LBD is a great investment! I have one from Banana Republic that I love 🙂 PS I'm giving away a gold monogram necklace on my blog this week and I would love for you to enter!


I have this one ( from Land's End. I chose it because I can wear it like a jumper with a button down underneath it for work, but I can leave it sleeveless (which makes me cringe a little – but I can wear a little jacket/sweater over it) for something more formal. It's a classic a line in a very dense ponte that holds its shape well while repelling wrinkles and pilling. I was mulling over one from J. Crew ( but since it isn't available in petite sizes, that would mean paying for alterations on top of the asking price. I'm so glad the one from Land's End worked out – I could wear it every day.

Julia D.

My favourite LBD is from Aritzia. Their NYC store is one of the only ones they have outside of Canada so you should definitely check them out already. Its lace and short, without being too short, and can be worn so many different ways. I love the Nordstrom one in your widget too!