5 Ways to Make Your Day Better

Maxie is one of my best friends and she has certainly seen and heard about my good (and bad) days and vice versa. We’re both good people, but it can be tempting to be a little bit selfish– especially when we’re having a bad day. (You all know I love my massages!) Her advice is too good… as always, spot on.
5 Ways to Make Your Day Better
Guest post by Maxie McCoy
It’s tough to have a great day, every day. Some days you literally might have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Other days might feel like it was a slow landslide of crap that happened over one 24 hour period. Either way, we all get into funks. We all get stressed. And we most definitely all have bad days. I sure do.
I realized in the midst of one particularly tough day like this, that I could feel better instantly, and it didn’t require buying that fabulous new Kate Spade dress. Nor did it require a massage. Whatever your bad day is, whether it’s a failed exam or the girl that was unnecessarily rude to you… it can be changed too, in an instant.
It’s kindness that changes it. For people you love. For strangers. Your entire mood can shift by going out of your way for someone else at a time when you want to anything but. We so often get so consumed in our bad days that we forget how quickly we can turn a bad day into a better one by giving without expectation to someone who we may not even know. A random act of kindness will literally turn your entire day around, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. These are my five favorites for the next time you’re having a particularly rough day:
Switch Seats
How many times have you seen someone in a coffee shop looking for a seat next to an outlet so their power cord can reach? Or when the bus is crowded and a few people are forced to stand? We can be so attached to our “seats” in life, but giving it up for someone else, and making it more convenient for them, is such a simple and easy way to extend kindness. And you’ll likely make their entire day.
Buy Their Coffee
This is the famous random act of kindness for a reason. And if you’ve ever had your coffee purchased by a stranger before, you’ll know that it will literally turn your entire day around. Knowing you did that for someone else is bound to turn yours around too, all with a simple cup of joe.
Show Your Pearly Whites
Ever notice how people try to avoid eye contact with strangers? When you can share a smile and eye contact with someone, it feels good- both for you and the person on the receiving end. Smiling also has the amazing ability to drastically change your energy without you even realizing it.

Stop and Take a Picture
If having a “go-to” random act of kindness is a thing, then this one is mine. I love nothing more than offering to take a picture for a couple or family sightseeing. When you see them trying to fit in a selfie but missing the mountains in the background, or one person being forced out of the picture to hold the camera, you’ll be their saving grace. It’ll be a picture they treasure, and you’ll feel so much better from offering to help.
Flowers Say It All
Who wouldn’t love flowers randomly left for them? Try leaving a few tulips or tiger lilies on your professors desk before they arrive. Or on your roommate’s dresser, just because. It’ll brighten things for both of you.
No matter how you choose to show kindness, there’s no better time than when you’re having a bad day. Being kind may feel like the last thing you want to do on those days, but it’ll do more than boost your mood – it’ll positively impact the person on the receiving end. And if you’re having a good day? One of these is bound to make it great!

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Audrey Lin

When I first started reading this post, I thought you were going to share something along the lines of self-care, with an emphasis on self, perhaps going on to explain that one needs to care for oneself and needs to stop worrying about pleasing other people. I definitely have not tried anything like this on a bad day, because I'm usually caught up in "Wow my day really sucks. My life sucks in general. Why is the world so horrible to me. Be nice to me." (this is me on a bad day though, not on a regular basis!!! I promise I'm not so selfish!)

On a semi-related note, something really interesting I read from Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner's book Superfreakonomics was about the true nature of altruism, the difference between self-interest and selfishness. It's a very interesting read, and the chapter about altruism is quite relevant to this post! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Jordyn Brown

My fiance thinks I'm crazy, but I love stopping to take pictures for people at football games or on vacation. The look on their faces when they realize that you're going to take time out of what you're doing to help them make a memory is priceless!
It's on my Fall bucket list to pay for someone's Starbucks, so I can't wait to do that!

xoxo, SS


I love that these are selfless tips for making your day better. Like making your day better by helping to makes other's better too.


Kaitlin Olivero

I agree with the first comment, I thought it would be about how to make yourself feel better by treating you, but conversely it is a great perspective that you bring here! Doing things for others can really make you feel better, thinking of how you can at least turn someone else's day around! Very sweet. Thanks Maxie and Carly!

Kaitlin ||


I like how this post centered around being kind to others to make yourself have a better day. I often get so caught up on the "My day is terrible" and I dwell on it so much that it brings me down more. I like the thought of doing a good deed to turn the momentum around. For me, I need to get out of the space that is making me feel stress. Maybe go for a walk or a drive just to get fresh thoughts flowing!

Annie Belle


While these are cute ideas, I'd advise against leaving flowers on a professor's desk. It might be well-intentioned, but others could misconstrue the action as bribing for grades (or something more scandalous), and many universities have rules prohibiting instructors from accepting gifts in any kind from their current students.

Erin Daley

Ha I was thinking the same thing! I like the idea of flowers, but I think just leaving them on a professor's desk would make people feel uncomfortable.

Britney Montgomery

Love this post! I agree with Audrey Lin, this a unique approach to turning around a bad day. By giving of yourself to others, you in turn help yourself. The whole thing about how giving is better than receiving is said so often because it's true, it really does make you feel better to help someone out in need or to just make someone's day brighter. Definitely will try one of these next time I'm having a crappy day!

Kyla Brown

The fourth idea is a great one! When my day is going crappy I like to look out for the beauty and creativity around me and share it with friends on Instagram. An automatic pick me up! (And my day moves in a more inspired direction)