5 Ways to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Night

Having a bad day is no fun… but it’s bound to happen. Whether it’s work, school, or friend stress, sometimes you just can’t shake that bad day feeling. Luckily (or rather hopefully), these kinds of bad days are few and far between!!
When you are having a bad day, I think it’s important to take a step and back and do something to make the day turn around. Even if you only have a few hours left in the day, it’s most definitely worth it to go to bed feeling happier.
First and foremost, I recommend not moping around and hashing through the events of the day in your head. It will only increase your anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness, etc. Don’t send nasty emails to coworkers. Don’t text mean things to your friends. And don’t delete any half-written paper (however not-so-great it is).
For the night, just focus on you and then deal with the issue in the morning with a clear, more objective mind.
1. Spoil yourself with a small indulgence | Sometimes you just need a little treat. While I’m not sure how healthy it is to try to cope with negative feelings with food, I think it can’t be that bad every now and then. Moderation! I’m an absolute sucker for a doughnut. When I’m having a bad day, doughnuts really do turn it around. I try to avoid them for the most part– but I can’t help it sometimes! Half-moon cookies will suffice if I can’t track down a doughnut that suits me. (Black and whites are everywhere in the city! Woo!) Oh… and when things get really rough? I totally opt for Shake Shake. Mushroom burger and french fries. Which I eat. On my coach.
2. Give yourself permission to take a break | One of the hardest things for me about taking a night “off” is that I feel almost guilty. There are always emails to be answered, posts to be written, and Levo work to be done. But I have to take a break! Duh!! Taking the night off is especially if you’re having a bad day… your work will not be at its highest potential if you’re feeling down! I always say out loud, “No emails tonight!” or whatever. Sometimes I’ll write it on a post it on my laptop as an extra reminder. (Note: There is NO email that can’t wait until the morning. If something is that important, the person will call you!)
3. Video chat | Yes, it may be the best idea to try to get your mind on whatever is causing the bad day. However, sometimes you really do need to vent. Or at least have a friend to soundboard ideas off of. (Or someone who can tell you you’re being ridiculous and to snap right out of it!) I love video chatting with my friends at night. I can talk through things I need to talk through and we can also catch up! (Catching up is obviously the best healing part!)
4. Read a book (under the covers) | So as a rule, I do not get back in bed once I’m up in the morning. I make my bed first thing and do not turn down the covers until the minute I’m about to pop into bed. BUT- I do make an exception on nights when I need it. It’s the best feeling to me to get back into bed without having to sleep! Reading in bed is seriously such an indulgence! I feel lazy and snuggly and always relaxed. Plus, if a book is really great it’s the best way to take your mind off the events of the day.
5. Compile quotations from good songs | The good thing about this is that it makes you listen to music!!! Sometimes music can get a little depressing, but if you’re listening to the right songs, it can be better than therapy! I have a bunch of go-to songs that I listen to on repeat. Each time I hear them, I can find different lines that speak to the specific thing I’m dealing with. It really does make things better. Ultimately, it’s also simply relaxing. When you’re focused on really listening to what the lyrics are and what they mean, you will come out on the other side feeling renewed!!
What are your tricks for turning a bad day into a good night?


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Jamie Lynn Fleetwood

Those 5 tips are certain to recover after a bad day! My favorites have to be 1 because who doesn't love a little treat now and then! My second favorite was number 5! I don't know why, but finding quotes from songs and tumblr seem to just spell my emotions out for me. Crazy how I can pick out song lyrics that were intended to resemble an emotion I felt a year ago in a certain situation! xo

Classic Loving

Ahh I do the indulgence thing a lot… To the point that I wonder if I'm just over endulging… But moderation is okay, I am sure! I never thought of quote compilation as something that would help, but now I will definitely try it out! Thank you for these tips! 🙂


Great tips! I always make myself a hot drink…. hot chocolate, green tea, or regular tea…. never coffee though! I think the caffeine would make me more crazy after a bad day!


I haven't read under the covers since I was a little girl, haha, I miss those days. I like to light up a scented candle (like a Bath and Body Works scented candle), make a warm beverage, and either read a book or play video games. 😛 I find video games a great stress relief…