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50 Gifts for Him and Her

Oy. I’ve been putting off these gift guides. They’re one of my favorite slash least favorite blog posts. Basically, it’s the worst form of cruelty I can possibly put myself through… online shopping where I want to buy everything. Everything on the list is something that I either totally want or I know someone who would be the absolute perfect recipient!

I scoured my favorite websites and pulled together 50 of the best gifts out there (20 for the guys and 30 for the girls). There may or may not have been a spreadsheet involved in the making of this…

What’s topping your wish list?

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Cute but something like this would be SO much more helpful with price points/ranges included and some background info (why these brands instead of others).


Love these! Especially the Kate Spade watch and tartan loafers! Also great ideas for guys, my boyfriend is SO HARD to shop for!


I'm getting my guy (and myself!) tickets to a Blackhawks/Bruins hockey game. Meaningful and something we can do together!