A Puppy Update

Have y’all had enough of Teddy yet?! I’ve had him for a month already… and I just can’t believe it! In some ways it seems like just yesterday I just got him and in other ways it feels like he’s always been a part of my life. Now I really don’t know how to imagine him not being a part of my life, but it definitely didn’t happen overnight. (Remember this post?)
It’s not that I didn’t love him right away (I did!), it’s just that a lack of sleep and constantly worrying about him and cleaning up after him was really overshadowing all the good things. Maybe that’s a normal reaction, but I was embarrassed to even admit that my frustration overshadowed the love. Of course, now that I’ve had him for a month, the love only grows (by the hour it seems like!) and the frustration is less and less.
We also survived the first trip to the vet. I may or may not have teared up in the room when they had to give him shots. I’m ridiculous, but the veterinarian was beyond helpful and didn’t mind my craziness. (Teddy, mind you, was totally chill about the whole thing.)
Being home in Tampa with him was something I was insanely worried about. I had established a good little routine and I was nervous that bringing him to a new environment would ruin that. My poor family received a terse, bullet-pointed email with the dos and don’ts of Teddy Training before I flew home. But I have to say… being here has been really amazing for our relationship. I couldn’t be as controlling as I can be (whoops) and I also realized just how resilient and go-with-the-flow Teddy is. At least one of us is….
Flying on an airplane was… stressful. A little stressful for the little guy, and very stressful for me. Everyone did love him in the security line though. He was the most popular thing at six in the morning, let me tell you. On the plane, he cried a tiny bit, but it was early enough and I gave him enough treats and food to occupy him and make him happy for the most part. JetBlue was great though… #thankyou JetPaws! But once we got off the plane, we’ve both been having so much fun. Meeting new people, introducing him to the neighbor’s dog, and just having fun with the family. (Oh, and going outside and being able to play in the grass!!!)

We dressed Teddy up for our annual Christmas Card photoshoot. Not sure if he’s going to make the final cut (whoops), but he looked quite handsome in a bow! I’m wearing a Club Monaco dress.

Anyway… this whole dog thing is still new to me, but Teddy and I are both way more comfortable with each other. Teddy’s training is moving along swimmingly. He sleeps through the night (!!!). And I think we’re both just falling in love.
One thing that has been incredibly helpful: I work from home. I leave Teddy alone (penned in my living room) when I have external meetings or outings, but I’m generally with him a lot. This has been great for us to bond together and it has made training him so much better. Plus, I can’t imagine leaving him for more than a little bit!


PS I asked for advice when I first got him and so much of it has been helpful as we’ve made our way through Month One. The BEST thing I’ve learned so far? A tired puppy is a happy puppy. Lots of playtime (it’s my favorite) throughout the day and especially right before bed. Teddy gets exhausted and gets either super cuddly if it’s during the day and I’m working or sleeps right on through the night. Plus, tiring a puppy out is just so much fun! Fetch, running around, playing games with rope toys. We have a blast. It’s the biggest win-win I can think of.

PPS Don’t forget to follow Teddy on Instagram. I probably have more fun on there than I should!!

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Ahahah puppies are both strressful and relaxing, aren't they? They need so much attention, but when you play with them or watch their eyes you forget all the stress or the deadlines…they call it pet therapy for a reason 🙂


My mom and I were just looking at toy poodles after reading about Teddy! haha they're so so cute! and Teddy is just so handsome in his bow. It's good that things are going well!!
oh and that is a beautiful photo of you

Disposable Income Girl

I can completely relate to you on the stress of "motherhood". When I first got my cockapoo 7 years ago, I had graduated college a week ago and was studying for my RN boards. Mind you, I didn't have THAT much stress in my life. When I brought Lexie home, I was SO exhausted from running around after her. I jokingly called it "Post Poodle Depression". I even had a momentary lapse where I wanted to give her back. How horrid!



You two are so cute! Don't feel bad. I totally felt the same way when we first got our dogs too. I love them so so so much. But at first it was hard! There were so many accidents, and at first the two of them weren't getting along, and my husband had just deployed and it was so overwhelming. But, once you get into a routine it does get much better and easier. <3