6 Fall Weekend Cooking Projects to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

Just as I was beginning to get comfortable in the kitchen, I started dating someone who is an excellent cook. Not going to lie, it’s amazing having someone cook incredible meals every day but it definitely made me feel like a loser in the kitchen. So I kind of stopped! But I definitely want to get back into the swing of things… the fall does seem like a great time to flex those muscles again! (But seriously, can we talk about that pumpkin French toast recipe?!? 😍)

6 Fall Weekend Cooking Projects to Add to Your Fall Bucket List

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

One of the things that I love to do when the weather gets cooler is to really hunker down at home and improve a skill or learn something new. It could be something like figuring out how to improve my photography, or learning everything I can about SEO, and a lot of these “weekend projects” are cooking related. I think of these as “weekend projects” I’ll try new techniques and test different kinds of dishes I wouldn’t normally try.



I know this may not seem like the obvious weekend project dish, but this breakfast hash takes about 45 minutes to cook because the vegetables and fruits (regular potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and apples) all take different amounts of time to cook. It’s a great way to understand how different cooking times can impact a dish.



Learn how to make risotto and highlight seasonal ingredients all at once. I think this is the perfect dish to take basically any fall weekend.

  1. 3. Lemon Scones

Mastering the perfect biscuit or scone is definitely worthy of a weekend project! I love this lemon scone recipe as a base, but you could swap out the lemon for any other citrus (grapefruit would be amazing).

  1. 4. Braised chicken with cabbage and white beans

Braising is the cooking technique that I love the most! Definitely worthy of a slow Saturday–that said this recipe only takes an hour and it’s worth it.

  1. 5. Overnight pumpkin French toast

I love using pumpkin in the right kind of dish and this French toast is one of those dishes! Once you make overnight French toast, you’ll never make it another way again.

  1. 6. Moroccan Chicken Soup

The depth of flavor in this dish is out of this world, it comes from the combination of aromatics and is a dish that gets better the day after.

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Carly – you’d love the book Kitchen Counter Cooking School. I married an excellent cook and the book definitely gives you some projects and relatable characters to get your confidence back in the kitchen!

Ally R.

Hi Lou! Loving the fall vibes. What would you recommend pairing the Butternut Squash Risotto with? Is it a main dish?


I LOVE Louisa’s Moroccan Chicken Soup recipe! I saved it a couple of years ago when she posted and it’s my go to! I swapped out the chicken breasts for thighs to add a little more flavor and I use chicken stock because I find the water isn’t quite enough punch but it’s by far my favorite soup recipe!


I’m not one to find myself in the kitchen, but I love “Fall Fresh Muffins” meaning apple or cranberry muffins and I attempt every year. Maybe this year I will actually enjoy spending time in the kitchen!