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This is part outfit post and part me asking for recommendations! My boyfriend and I planned a trip to Paris at the end of the month. I went last summer and had a great time so I’m looking forward to returning. And exploring the city in fall!

Would love more recommendations for restaurants, things to do, new shops to visit, etc. There’s a BUNCH of great reader recommendations on this post from last year if you’re also looking for some tips.

Carly Heitlinger

So… I’m probably going to be the worst blogger over there. I’m tempted to just do 100% casual outfits (like leggings and sneaks), but as we get closer to the trip maybe I’ll change my mind and start packing cute outfits hah.

If nothing else, I figure I could always do a pretty coat as it’ll probably be cooler and maybe a rainy day or two?


I popped into Anthropologie on the hunt for something the other week and walked out with a few cute items, including this scarf and these corduroy jeggings. I love the look of corduroy but they can get a little frumpy pretty quickly. These are true jeggings with tons of stretch and fake front pockets.

The scarf is a great size for hair styling and accessorizing.

Skinny corduroys Carly the Prepster Tulip Sleeve Top (c/o) // Scarf (under $30) // Corduroy Jeggings // Similar Flats // Similar Bag

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Clare • @skincareandstudies

I went to Paris a few years ago! It was amazing, you’ll have such a great time. I wish I could go again!
-Clare, @skincareandstudies on Instagram


I recommend packing cute outfits like this one! Parisians don’t really appreciate the athleisure look particularly in cafes, etc. Plus, sneakers will make you stand out as a tourist. Check out Musee d’Orsay and Saint Chappelle if you haven’t done so!


I could not agree more. Casual outfits will make you stand out as a tourist! Pack a comfortable pair of ankle boots (waterproof them as well since it will likely rain), good denim and a nice jacket and you’ll fit right in.

Jackie M

Climb the tower at Norte Dame! Awesome views!

And it is okay to take some time away from being “blog” ready. Enjoy the trip with your bf. xo


We are going to Paris at the end of December and just booked tickets to a ballet at the Palais Garnier and a concert at St Chapelle.

Ginny Ng

The stained glass in St. Chapelle is amazing. You have to climb the little staircase to get up to the level to see it.


When I do Paris in the Fall/Winter, if I’m trying to keep it easiest, I bring pretty much all black. Black turtlenecks, sweaters, pants. Pair of jeans. White stan-smith-style sneakers are everywhere. You can be comfy and fit right in. If you overpack, you’ll be mad at yourself. Rather than listing a ton of places, I always say… please enjoy the city. Don’t pack your schedule. Sit at a cafe for 5+ hours with a book and enjoy yourselves! Whenever I plan a trip to Paris and people ask what I’m doing, I tell them I’m going to eat and sit still (with a facial appointment and shopping day thrown in!) 🙂

P.S. Those pants/jeggings look GREAT on you!!!


This is the best advice!

The first time I visited Paris, I jam-packed what I could into the trip. Then, when I went again early in the summer, I only planned a handful of things and had the BEST time. My best friend and I got amazing blows-outs at Saravy on Rue Saint-Sauveur, had a great time sitting outside and eating dim-sum at YOOM with Sacré-Cœur looming over us, and loooots of shopping.

Our one “tourist” thing was going to Monet’s home in Giverny, which was incredibly beautiful. If you think seeing the water lily panels at the L’Orangerie is amazing: go see the real thing. It’s breathtaking… and a very short ride out of Paris!



I LOVE wearing fall colors!! Mixing browns and reds and navy blues are my favorite!!! I definitely need to try the scarf look too! Can’t wait to hear about Paris!!!

Christine S.

Ristorante Al Caratello has to-die-for Italian food. There are a lot of great Italian restaurants in Paris but honestly this is some of the best food I’ve ever had – it’s also very reasonably priced.

Also, I know you aren’t a big wine drinker but consider heading to Champagne, Bordeaux, or another wine region to check out some wineries! The chateaus are stunning and the wine is incredible. I took a couple of days out of my June Paris trip to visit a few wineries in Bordeaux, and absolutely loved it.


I love the navy bell sleeve shirt! I’ve been searching for navy shirts to wear with my plaid skirts and coloured pants.


I went to Paris around the same time a couple of years ago. I brought a trench and packed scarves. They kept me warm but not overheated.
As far as shops to visit, I really loved Merci in Le Marais. That whole area (4th arr) is very cute. Lots of cafes and shops.

Gillian Redstone

Was just in Paris over the summer, and used your recs!! 100% recommend some of the smaller and less tourist-y museums, including The Rodin Museum, Picasso Museum, and Cente Pompidou. I can’t remember if you did d’Orsay on your last trip, but it’s a MUST. Versailles is a (full) day trip, and your feet will get tired so prepare, but its so worth it. Line is crazy too, so get there early or finesse some line cutting. Restaurants: La Table de Genevieve, Firmin le Barbier, Benoit, and Le Petite Pontoise. Enjoy Paris…I am so jealous and can’t wait to see pictures!!

Emily V.

To skip the lines, I’d recommend the app Headout. We used it for places where we knew the lines would be crazy ( like the catacombs) and it worked great.


I studied abroad this past summer in Paris and it was amazing! Looking forward to hearing what it’s like visiting the city in fall versus summer. As far as attractions go, you definitely don’t want to miss Saint Chapelle. I also enjoyed the Musee D’Orsay, Catacombs, Luxembourg garden and Place des Vosges. A couple of stores I loved were Shakespeare & Company bookstore and Merci, which sells a variety of fashion and home goods. Enjoy your time in Paris!!

Natalie Harney

Paris in the autumn is absolutely wonderful – I’m sure you’ll have the best time!
I’ve just started wearing more silk style scarves and I love seeing how you style them as a little pop of detail without looking like an air stewardess which is always my fear.

– Natalie

Emily V

I recommend Mersea for lunch or dinner. It’s super casual and has amazing seafood.

6 Rue du Faubourg-Montmartre
75009 Paris

Emily V.

Also, Cotume Cafe in the 7th arrondissement for brunch. The poached eggs have ruined all other poached eggs for me – they’re that good.


Ahhh you’re going to have an amazing time! I went to Paris last November and loved it. I definitely vote for leggings and sneakers with a cute coat, that’s what I was in 90% of the time. My one recommendation if you want a nice dinner is Boutary in Saint Germain, the tasting menu was incredible!!

Kristina does the Internets


I just got back from a wonderful trip to Paris with my husband last month. If you’re looking for French beauty mecca definitely check out City Pharma on Rue du Four.
If you’re in the Montemartre area we loved brunch at Hardware Societe (the fried brioche was amazing). For dinner, our favorite was at Le Jardin d’en Face.
I also never leave Paris without a day at Jardin du Luxembourg. Bring a picnic, wine, and enjoy people watching. Have so much fun!

Manon Estelle

Hello Carly,

Parisian here 🙂 Hope you will love your parisian trip ! I would suggest packing for different kinds of weather as our autumn season seem to become more and more unpredictable by the year.
I would advice you to check out these restaurants : Le Boudoir (8th arrondissement), Les Frangins, Le Bien élevé (9th arrondissement for both) and pass on the very touristy Relais de l’entrecote and Bouillon chartier.

Much love


Hi Carly! I would love a post about cute sneakers. I recently moved to Chicago and am walking all over the place now. I need a pair of cute tennis shoes for the fall.


I have some Paris tips!!! My husband and I had our first date there as we were studying abroad and have gone back every year we’ve been together (9 years now!) so we’ve spent a lot of time there in the last decade and even got engaged there! Here are some of my favorite spots from our most recent trip in January when we took my parents for a week. Enjoy! The fall is the probably the best season to visit Paris in my opinion.


Definitely climb the Arc de Triomphe. I did it during the day and at night to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. During the day was beautiful too because you get to see Paris’s amazing layout. Also stop by the musee l’orangerie to see the most beautiful and gigantic Monet’s. If you have time. a day trip to Versailles is so worth it. The building and gardens are spectacular and are even better than the pictures. Take time to walk around Monmarte too. I wish I have saved more time for that, it’s the cutest neighborhood!


Going to Paris end of October is quite a good idea: days are still not too short and leaves still on trees.
I would recommend to pack a waterproof jacket + umbrella + waterproof shoes as it is highly probable you will get rain. A warm scarf you can put on your shoulders if the wind grows cold + gloves if your hands are sensitive with cold (I found Paris quite windy). Parisian do not walk around in athleisure and I would recommend a nice pair of jeans+sneakers or ankle boots combo. Anyway, you already know you will walk a lot so comfortable shoes is a must.
You can visit the Marais, which is a very nice district (do not miss the Place des Vosges – the Musée Carnavalet and the Musée Cognac-Jay are also worth visiting). I highly recommend to take a hot chocolate and a pâtisserie at Angelina’s (rue de Rivoli), especially if the weather outside is a bit gloomy. If you have the chance and the courage, you can climb all the stairs leading to the Sacré-Coeur; the view from there is incredible. The Sacré-Coeur district is also very nice.
And at last, if you are willing to wake up early, I would say that the best time to visit Notre-Dame de Paris is at the opening at 8.00am. This is the quietest time to wander around without being overwhelmed.

I really hope you will enjoy your stay in our beautiful country. Maybe next time you can schedule to visit other places: Lyon, the French Riviera, the castles of the Loire, Burgundy, etc. There is so much to visit in France!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I feel like corduroy has gotten more trendy lately, which means that there are more stylish options for it! I have a corduroy pinafore and I’m so excited to pull it out for autumn 🙂 // I visited Paris last summer and recapped it on my blog if you want to check it out here (there’s also a ton of photos, so if you’re pressed for time and just want a glance through, it’s a good post for that ;)). I was in Paris for a very brief amount of time, and I had remembered your advice in your Paris travel guide about knowing you’ll have to make a second trip. That helped me stay present during my trip and really enjoy what little I was able to see. My favourite experience was spending a morning strolling through Montmartre, no particular goal in mind. I could have spent a whole day doing that, but my younger brothers were a bit impatient haha. I hope you have a wonderful trip, and I’m looking forward to relive Paris vicariously through you! // Wouldn’t be opposed to reading a post about your casual casual outfits haha. Casual casual is definitely my vibe 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


As a French reader to your blog, I feel happy that you plan to come back to Paris. I left Paris a few years ago to Toulouse so I would not dare to recommend any restaurants, cafes…
However, if you do not mind going outside Paris the (almost) new Vuitton Center is worth a visit. Not only for the the on-going exhibition, but also for the architecture.

A Girl, A Style

I’m going with Meghan this week; so sad we won’t cross paths!

Autumn might just be my favourite time to visit Paris. I love getting a little picnic and sitting in the Jardin du Luxembourg, exploring Montmartre (go for brunch at Hardware Societe opposite the Sacre Coeur), people-watching in the Place des Vosges before just wandering around the Marais neighbourhood (while you’re there, get a table outside at Crepe Suzette and have the goats cheese crepes – yum!), the Musee D’Orsay (I know you’ve done the Orangerie already), ice cream from Berthillion on Ile St Louis (it’s never too cold for ice cream THAT good!) and just wandering along the Seine and exploring all the little bookstalls along the way.

Have the very best time!

Briony xox


So glad you’re returning to Paris – you will have a ball! Try Les Papilles for dinner. It’s just off the Jardin du Luxembourg. You should make a reservation in advance – and there’s no menu – you just eat what the chef makes that night – but the food is absolutely fantastic!


My best friend and I had an amazing few days in Paris in January – two things we absolutely loved were a bicycle tour with Blue Fox (you see a lot of the city easily and the guide was wonderful) and a food tour of Montmartre. I love seeing places on my own, but highly recommend doing one walking or cycling tour at the start of your trip to get a solid idea of the history in any city. Have an amazing trip!


Heyy Carly! Not sure if you’ve already checked out Galeries Lafayette or not, but it’s a good spot for shopping, views, and pics. It is incredibly touristy, but it’s a must-see (if you haven’t already)!

I also think you’ll like this store called Sézane. Note: Galerie Lafayette does NOT have the store though.


I just got back from a week in Paris last month. We did some tours through Fat Tire Tours and it was amazing. Definitely the best way to see the louvre (we did closing time with the Mona Lisa), saint chepelle & Norte dame, and bike tour of Versailles (my fave).
Pink Mama was my favorite meal in the Montmartre neighborhood.
There’s nothing really that wasn’t abasing and excellent about the trip. I’m sure every day will be amazing just exploring and finding cute shops and cafes.