A Full Week

I touched on the craziness of my week in yesterday’s On My Radar, but wanted to better document it in a post. I know these posts are turning into a favorite for readers– and for me as well. It’s been hard to balance the professional aspect of blogging (since it’s my job), while still staying personal. These kinds of posts are more old school and more fun to put together for sure!

Ready for photo overload? Here we go!

I spent four days shooting with Julia and Thomas for their upcoming holiday collection. We had a BLAST. Shooting for four days, while extremely fun, is tiring. We were running all around NYC. Not only did I get to spend time with one of my best friends, we also ended up in so many iconic NYC spots. It’s always fun to play tourist. Can you believe that I had never been to the Top of the Rock before? I’ve been to 30 Rock and I’ve been to the Rainbow Room. The views are some of the best in Manhattan. To the north, you have sweeping views of Central Park (I want to return when the leaves start to change!) and the Empire State Building stands tall to the south.

A few more locations…

Grand Central, of course.

Central Park was showing off for us.

One of my favorite nooks in the West Village.

A little sneak peek of what’s to come in the November collection for Gal Meets Glam. Julia has a huge collection of lipsticks and, while I mostly used my tried and true, I got to sample of a few of her favorites. I think I’ve officially added Parisian Red (what we’re both wearing above) to my beauty wishlist.

In addition to NYC spots, we also shot in two studios. That confetti was, and remains, EVERYWHERE. The other night, I woke up scratching my arm aggressively and found one of the big gold circles stuck to my arm… and I have been finding the gold stars throughout my apartment.

I mentioned last week that Nicole was in town to shop for wedding dresses. Nicole, her mom, and I went out for dinner and it was just the best. There are no words for how lucky I feel to have moved into a house next to them in the early 1990s. We could have had anyone for neighbors, but we ended up hitting the lottery. I consider Nicole a sister and can’t wait to stand by her side when she gets married next summer!!!

I got home in the early evening on Saturday after having three days of the shoot behind us and one to go. The only thing in life I wanted at the moment was a burger. So I sat outside at my favorite neighborhood place with a book and enjoyed the early fall air. I haven’t shared it on here, but I LOVE a good burger. I started an Instagram account just to document some of my favorite burgers and somehow it got hooked up to my personal Facebook page (??) so all these people started DMing me thinking it was a fake account. Nope, it’s me. Just eating my way through life, one burger at a time. (I feel like I eat burgers all the time, but apparently, I actually don’t have them that often. Haha, it’s been hard to post more often!)

I added to my Stubbs collection– the S&W team was kind enough to gift these to me! These little guys are perfect for fall. I am very into the hunter green velvet and the jockeys just make me smile. I know Stubbs and Wootton slippers are expensive, but trust me… they are worth every penny. They are without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes I own. From the second you put them on, you’re good to go. No need to break them in. I’m a “true 7” in US sizing and can wear a 37 or a 37.5 in Stubbs… generally, I prefer to size up to a 37.5 so they are comfortable even if my feet swell from heat/traveling.

A) I finally bought the 1988 roll-neck sweater from J. Crew (available in a bunch of colors!). It’s amazing. I’d say it fits pretty true to size. I’m wearing the XS and it’s roomy in a nice, cozy kind of way.

B) When I pulled it on that day, I kind of loved how cute & short my hair looked still tucked in… I love my long hair but I was tempted to chop it for a hot second!

Maxie and I got together for an early dinner before her NYC stop on her book tour. No joke, I’ve gone to the Laduree Soho location three times in a week for various reasons. The courtyard is quickly becoming my favorite spot. I want to go back again with a few girlfriends for tea one afternoon. For this particular meal, I got the chicken Caesar salad. I am usually not a Cesear salad kind of girl, but lately, I’ve been ordering it a lot. I also ordered the Marie Antoinette mocktail and it was divine. (And oh-so-pretty.)

The best part about meeting there though was that the first time Maxie and I talked in depth about her book (post her Bali trip, pre pitching it to publishers) was at the very same Laduree! Totally felt like we came full circle from talking about the potential of the book to meeting before her BOOK FREAKING TOUR. I mean…

Max and I have gone to each other’s events and been to events together, but we’ve never actually headlined, so to speak, one together. This was a first, but I know it’s not going to be the last. (We’re already trying to figure out a way to do it again sometime soon because it was such a big hit.)

The room was filled to capacity and the feedback was amazing. Plus, I love a good excuse to cheerlead for Maxie any day of the week!   

I was invited to a gorgeous dinner by the rewardStyle team at Toro in NYC. It’s so strange, but I work with so many of the girls very, very closely and yet… we’ve never met in real life! It was kind of crazy to have them come up to me and say their names because for years they’ve been in my inbox but I didn’t actually “know” the person. We had a great time and the food was delicious.

Including the above picture just for fun. I saw it in between photo locations and just loved all the plants with the pink bench.

I had a rare free 45 minutes between shooting outfits in the morning and a work lunch, so I popped into the Chobani location in Soho for a breather. I was glad I brought my book along because I was able to get through a few more pages. I’m loving the book, but haven’t had that much free time to dedicate to it, so I try to fit in reading time whenever I can. Also, have you ever seen such giant blueberries in your life?!

Another preview from Blair Eadie’s upcoming collection for Nordstrom. The tweed shoes are showstoppers!!!

And here we are finishing up the week in the suburbs. We came out for a wedding and it’s always nice to have a giant bag yard for the dogs to run around in. (And to squeeze in some extra baby holding time.)

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Like the idea of your burger instagram. Just started following you. Can’t wait to see the pictures from the photo shoot.


Unfortunately, the 1988 J Crew Rollneck sweaters are excluded from the 40% off promo. I just know because I’ve been obsessively stalking one! 🙂

Paulina Angeles

I just bought mine at the store and they gave the 40% discount, they didn’t have my size so they ordered it online, keep an eye on the sales and go to the store!


I love these posts! The sweet potato fries with your burger look so good, perfectly crispy. You’ve got my attention with shoes! I’ve been toying with getting a pair of Stubbs, and you’ve convinced me to take the plunge. Also those tweed pumps with the bow are too cute!

Greta Haussmann

Your long hair is gorgeous but you could totally pull off the short look!

Jane Davidson | Typically Jane

Wow what a busy week! I love posts like this and getting to know some of my favorite bloggers better. I’m so excited about your burger account! lol! I love a good burger! You would look adorable with short hair like that!

supal // @chevronseclairs

You had a packed week! I find it inspiring to see how you fit so much. Would love to know how you plan your weeks (ie how many events you do, how/when you sit down to write posts vs. shooting). I’ve seen your calendar planning post, but would love more insight in how you manage to breakdown priorities.

chevrons & éclairs


I love these kind of old school posts! They feel so personal and it’s always fun hearing about all these little moments. 🙂 (P.S. Hehehe I just had a bit of a delicious burger for dinner today!)

Kim from 3 peanuts

Love all of the photos. The photo of you and Julia is stunning. Also, I love the roll neck sweater. Thought of ordering it but we just don’t get tons of sweater weather here and I have SO many. Also…You should chop your hair! When I saw that photo, I thought you did. I LOVE it that length. Very chic and sophisticated. Go for it.