6 Reminders When Making a Big Decision

This may be my favorite Maxie Monday post she’s ever written. Big decisions aren’t something we face every day, but when we do face them it can feel daunting. Equal parts exciting and daunting (and a full range of emotions in between). Max is sharing six things to remember to do when you’re about to make a big decision!

Big Decisions

6 Reminders When Making a Big Decision

Guest post by Maxie McCoy

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We make SO many decisions in a day. No matter who you are, you’re probably pretty adept at making them. Apparently, we make about three thousand decisions in any given 24-hour period. That’s a lot. However, when it gets to the really big decisions, we can often get really big feels. And get in our own way.

Some of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made – where to go to school, when to move, should I take that job, should I build my own company, should I end this relationship, should I put my hat in the ring, should I sign up for that class – are decisions that have changed my life. Even though I wouldn’t necessarily have made that decision the same way, or in the same process, or with the same outcome, I’d make them all over again. Which is freeing, because there’s really no right or wrong way to make a decision.

However, there are different ways for going about making a big decision (bigger than what you’ll have for breakfast). Decisions that have a real impact on your life and on the trajectory of how you’re living require thoughtfulness. There can be many paths to a single decision, what’s important is that you’re considering them and know all the tools at your disposal to make a decision you want to live with. Here’s some reminders if you’re in decision mode:

Remember… you don’t have to decide alone. There are people in your community and in your friend group that can provide you wisdom. Look for people who can help you get to your own answers by making you look within.

Remember… this is your life. And no one else’s. So, whatever advice they give you, make sure to remember that they don’t have to live the impact of your decision. You do. So take in all of the data points and the input. And also remember that you’re the one that will see the decision through. Thus, only run with wisdom that resonates and aligns for you. The rest you can leave behind.

Remember… to look beyond the examples you easily see. I’m a firm believer that you can’t be what you don’t see. And that examples really help us decide what’s possible in our own lives. So, if you’re not seeing those examples, look hard. Look further. And see if you can find someone or some path that gives you additional perspective on your own.

Remember… to journal it out. Getting it out of your head and onto paper is powerful. Especially with decisions, it’s easy to turn it over and over in your head. So, when the time is right, write it all out. Weigh the different paths or decisions. And let yourself freely process on paper.

Remember… sometimes not deciding is a decision. You’re allowed to do nothing, and stay where you’re at. Everything is possible.

And finally… Remember… you have what it takes to handle whatever it is you decide. One of my mantras is “you can handle all that you create.” And the same is true for decisions. Whatever you decide, and wherever life goes because of that decision…You can absolutely handle it. You will handle it. You’ve handled it before. You’ll handle it again.

For more inspiration from Maxie on how to move forward, read her book You’re Not Lost.

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Remember… sometimes not deciding is a decision. You’re allowed to do nothing, and stay where you’re at. Everything is possible.

I applied to law school and to a doctorate of law and policy because I was unsure about law school. I am in a committed relationship, and my life long dream has always been to have children. Law school would have delayed that for me and would have provided an environment that is not centered about motherhood. The doctorate of law and policy is the next best step and would provide more work-life balance, but I deferred my start date another year because sometimes it’s okay to not make a decision. Of course I question my decision every day, but I am trusting my gut and following the path that would make me the happiest, not the path that would feed my ego the most.

Thank you for writing this post!