Beach Dress

I’m actually writing this from the Jersey Shore and kicking myself for forgetting to pack this dress. (Although, it was so cold down at the beach today that I was wearing jeans, a long sleeve workout shirt, and a sweatshirt while under a towel so….. maybe it’s for the best.)

Carly Heitlinger

I bought this thinking that I’d try it on, hate it, and then return it. The reviews are mixed online and I can understand why. I think it’s definitely a dress you have to try on to see what it looks like on your body. It’s also not the most modest dress in the world, despite its length. You have to be willing to show a little skin. It definitely runs big though, so I’d size down one size. The straps are adjustable with buttons too which helps with the length.

But it’s really gorgeous in person and I feel pretty great while wearing it. It also comes in white with royal blue embroidery– would be perfect for a vacation!

Ruffle deep V-neck beach dress

I was most iffy on the front for probably obvious reasons 😂 But seriously LOVE the back. It really pops and makes the whole dress stand out from the rest.

Carly the Prepster

And just in case there was ever any doubt if I was using self-tanner or spending too much time in the sun…..

J. Crew Ruffle deep V-neck beach dress

Beach Dress // Espadrilles // Similar Tote // Turkish Towel



Regarding your rant on Twitter about how people are so concerned about if you’re wearing a bra: You run a fashion and lifestyle blog, and us ladies are curious about what kind of undergarments are best to wear under the outfits you post on the blog. People surely want to make sure they’re not wasting money on a dress if they’re not comfortable going braless. Your snark on Twitter about it is not productive or kind.


I think you misunderstood! I’ve been saying what kind/whether I’m wearing a bra because I DO find that helpful! (Recently I haven’t been!) it’s that people are VERY judgmental when I’m not and they’re going through and analyzing the shape and “sagginess” of my boobs!


Thank you for clearing that up! I understand now, and I’m sorry that you have to put up with people criticizing your body. I’m very thankful for the undergarment information though!


I do too because there’s nothing worse than buying something and not feeling comfortable in it!


This looks amazing on you Carly! Perfect for summer nights after spending the day in the sun!!


You look great Carly! The deep v is very flattering and the sexiness is toned down by the giryl fluttery sleeves. Love the curled hair too. xx


I saw that dress on J.Crew the other night when I was browsing and loved it but did wonder about the low V. Those don’t always work on this small chested girl 😂,When I first saw it on you, I thought, “Work it Carly!” HA. Looks so great on you. Your right, it’s sooo perfect for the beach or just any summer day when it’s just.to.hot.out. I love the girly back too!!!

Katie | http://www.sunshinestyleblog.com

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