6:15 am Practice

The team is gearing up for a big regatta this Sunday!  Eastern Sprints is in Massachusetts this year.  It’s really close to the town I lived in when I was younger.  My best friend in the entire world is going to try to make it and I’m super excited about that.
But, I’m also really nervous for the races.  I get pretty anxious to begin with.  I’ve been practicing the race plan, making sure I have the wording of the shifts down and knowing where the ‘moves’ go.  I also have to become familiar with traffic patterns of the river.  Yikes.  Lots to do!
Whenever it rains in DC, the Potomac River gets congested with logs.  When we arrived at the boathouse this morning at 6:15 (AH!) the river was so so so full of logs.  I’m talking entire trees!  It was insane!  Obviously we couldn’t launch any boats, so we ended up having an erg practice.  The assistant coach (who’s an extremely experienced coxswain) went over the race course with the other coxswain and me.
After practice, I had to go through the first half of the race plan with guys so they could visualize the race.  It’s really awkward for me to call the race on land.  (I’ve called entire races on a bus ride to a regatta once… Way awkward.)  
Anyways, speaking of rowing… I found this bracelet from A. Tierney.  I just love anything related to crew!  How adorable is this!
-College Prepster

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“The assistant coach (who’s an extremely experienced coxswain) went over the race course with the other coxswain and me.”

It should be “The assistant coach—who’s an extremely experienced coxswain—went over the race course with the other coxswain and I.”


Actually it’s “me” not “I.”

He went over the race course with ME. You wouldn’t say that he went over the race course with I.


Not it shouldn’t. “with the other coxswain and me” is a prepositional phrase and “the other coxswain and me” are objects of that preposition. Hence, they should be in the objective case and me is the objective form of the first personal pronoun.


Re: the grammar issue… College Prepster is right!

CP–I just love the crew bangle! I, too, am such a sucker for all crew-related paraphernalia!


Bracelet just what I wish I had known about at gift time….it’s fantastic!!! So glad to hear you might see ND on Sunday…you were always best friends and still are….can’t wait to see how race comes out Sunday to see if you will all be singing “California here I Come” Good Luck!!!!


The bracelet is so adorable!
Also…I know you’re excited for the race! I’m sure you all will do fabulously!

p.s. I’m laughing about the anonymous grammar lesson! Goodness! 😉

Preppy Sue

Good luck this weekend! I rowed and coxed on Lake Quinsig while at Assumption in Worcester, lots of early morning quality time spent there!


Wow! Lots of comments and a grammar lesson, I love the blogging world.
Anon. please come to my blog I know I need some help, big time!