Can you spot my monogram?

This one only took about 30 minutes.

Like all Type-A perfectionists, I am slightly addicted to Sharpies.  I don’t know how anyone can resist them.
Last week, I was shopping with California Funk and Lili Lover.  They were coming back from practice and I met up with them at Ralph Lauren Rugby.  It is such an amazing store!  CF got the cutest swim trunks and LL bought a few things (including pink shorts!).  Then we walked down to CVS.  It was incredibly hot and I just kept thinking about how miserable I was, and how hot it would feel in Florida.
CF needed to go to the UPS store to buy a box to send home.  I got very sad thinking about how everyone was actually leaving 🙁  I can’t imagine not being around my friends for three months! AH!  We were searching the store for packing tape, when I saw them.  SHARPIE PENS!  I was so so so excited.  The guy working there was laughing and CF and LL were embarrassed to be with me.  I couldn’t wait to use them!
I have been spending a lot of time in the library studying.  But I actually have fun (when I’m not freaking out that is).  A lot of my friends and I sit together on the 2nd floor, where we’re allowed to talk.  I was really bored studying for Accounting (thank goodness that’s over!) and started to doodle on my coffee sleeve with my Sharpie pen.  I would do a few problems and then doodle.  After two nights.  This was the product.  The other one was done with a thicker Sharpie.
-College Prepster

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Gracie Beth

I am going to miss my friends so much this summer too! I feel like I am leaving my family all over again! I love my sharpie pens!


That counts for my requests for your continuing art!!! Very interesting and unique designs…

Kathie Truitt

How cool! I was looking at that wondering where I could get a ‘coozie’ like that. You are quite the artist, however, I didn’t spot your monogram. ((sorry))


I miss sitting in the library with my sorority sister for study hours so much! good luck with the rest of the semester- finish strong!