Little V is Famous!

Well pretty much 🙂
V and her boyfriend made the front page of the New York Insider TV website!  How fabulous do they look?
Little V and I went to go see “17 Again” last night.  It started off really cheesy and bad and I was annoyed I spent almost 11 dollars on the ticket (when did the movies become SO expensive?)… But it quickly picked up speed.  It was just a fun movie to see to get our minds off of final exams and papers.  The best part (besides Zac Efron)?  The daughter got into GEORGETOWN 🙂  V and I were so excited haha.  Except the daughter was played by Michelle Trachtenberg aka Georgina on Gossip Girl… and I hate Georgina…
I’m the library again… Blah.  I have to write a couple more pages of my english paper and edit/write the bibliography for my US Political Paper… Not too bad!
-College Prepster

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Very impressive…no wonder they were picked for front page…a fantastic looking couple!!! Congrats to them. Good Luck with your papers!!!