50th Post!

How fitting is it that my 50th blog post is about LILLY PULITZER considering it’s their 50th Anniversary.  
I’ve been gone for a few days now, locked up in the library.  It’s actually a lot of fun, weird I know.  I had my accounting exam this afternoon at 4 and was absolutely dreading it, but at the same time, I was kind of excited for it to be over with!  
We had practice at noon, which really cut into my study time.  I studied for a few hours in the common room before heading to the boathouse.  I consider one of my Dogeared necklaces to be my “lucky necklace.”  I definitely needed it for the exam, but unfortunately there was a knot.  I had been trying to get the knot out for a while and eventually gave up and put it inside my keychain wallet.  Well, it was even knottier.  I spent a good thirty minutes picking at the delicate chain.  I was so determined to get that sucker.  And I did… finally.  It once again proved to be lucky!
Little V and CF were in the library, so I thought I would poke my head in and say hi.  It was about 11:13 when I got an email on my Blackberry reminding me that the Lilly boutique opened on Rue La La.  I SPRINTED, seriously, to the library.  LV was already browsing.  I stole CF’s laptop and decided on a pair of shorts.  I put them in my shopping cart, but they were removed because they sold out.  Boo 🙁  But I found another similar pair, equally as cute, but more importantly in my size.  YAY!
At this point, I had to leave for practice.  What did I see on my way to practice, you ask?  THE LILLY PULITZER JEEP!  I was freaking out!  Thankfully, Georgetown Boy was nearby and I made him take a picture of me in front of it.  Of course, I’m wearing the ugliest pair of sweats I own (Or as GB said, “Not one of the most fashionable..”) 
Practice went pretty well, except for a smidgen of rain.  I left the boathouse at 2ish and was beginning to panic about my accounting exam.  I have a tendency to panic.  I took the exam at 4.  It was extremely difficult.  It’s so frustrating when you know the material, but the test doesn’t allow you to show what you know.  I was just going through the test trying to get as many random points as possible (I got at least one though… for writing my name, HA).  I didn’t take the test with the rest of my class and I took it three hours before them, so I had to wait to see how they thought it went.  They all thought it was insanely hard too, which is good because we’re graded on a curve (to foster competitiveness) so the average score turns into a B.  A 42 percent could be a B… weird. 
Little V and I went to get salad and frozen yogurt and we had a picnic dinner in her boyfriend’s backyard.  I was still pretty upset about how the test went, but I was very glad for it to be over.  Then I met up with CF and GB in the library.  I’m finally able to breath a little bit knowing that accounting is behind me!
Time for a little R&R… Grey’s Anatomy maybe? Yes.
-College Prepster

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Love the Lilly jeep! Of course it is Murphy’s Law that it would appear when you are wearing sweats! Too funny! 🙂

BLC :o

Yaya for 50! You don’t look a day over 20! Hehe. Seriously, that is a feat and congrats. And, I just happen to think you look absolutely darling in the photog! Xoxo-BLC


Lilly Jeep soooo cool!!! Glad your acc’t exam over for you…not many days left at Georgetown for this year…have a great last few days!!!