Baby, It’s Hot Outside

Lilly + Crew=


Please don’t laugh.  This was the summer before my senior year.  I had been coxing everyday during that summer, and this was the result.
I cannot begin to tell you how weird it is for me to actually ENJOY the sun.  I have the fairest skin ever (which is a weird combination with my dark hair).  In Florida, I dread the heat because I burn so badly under the hot sun.  Sporty Sister has an olive complexion and skips the whole burning stage; she toasts right up.  Since I basically rowed/coxed for three years with very few breaks, I eventually developed a tan.  Of course, I had absolutely HORRENDOUS tan lines (Exhibit C).
The wardrobe for coxing in DC is much different than in Florida.  The water actually freezes in DC (go figure) so we have winter training on land.  From about mid-october through, well.. now, I’ve been having to wear sweat pants, hoodies, underarmour, jackets, and gloves.  Basically my face is the skin exposed.  My Florida tan, that took SO long to get, faded very quickly.  Let’s just say, my sock tan no longer exists… which means my entire body is as white as my foot in that picture!  
This weekend the weather finally turned HOT!  I was so excited to wear my J. Crew critter shorts and my sundresses.  But, I was even MORE excited to pull out my Lilly Pulitzer jersey shorts.  Last May, I found these at the scholastic nationals regatta.  As thrilling as it was to cox the Men’s HS Senior 8 in a national regatta, I was very sad that I had to miss the last day of school.  I had perfect attendance since third grade, and would have received an award had I been there that day.  My enthusiasm for the regatta skyrocketed and my disappointment disappeared when I saw those shorts in one of the booths.  How fabulous are they!?  I’ve looked for them online, but haven’t been able to find them anywhere.  Two of my favorite things in one pair of shorts.  Amazing 🙂
I’m taking a study break right now.  The one bad thing about the beautiful weather is that it makes it difficult to focus!
-College Prepster

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Fantastic shorts…fun post this time…tan or no tan!!! Good luck on your upcoming exams and papers…the year is almost over and then if you “click your heels together three times” you’ll be home, for the summer!!!


After thought…to Carly and followers… Saturday is Derby Day…a day for Lilly and a great hat…it is an American tradition every year at Churchill Downs…go for it!!!