1) US Political Systems research paper (Legit research paper, I might add… AH)
2) H&W Poetry of War final paper (hmm.. does poetry have a social utility?)
3) Ethics paper. Enough said.
4) Friday 6:30 am practice. Saturday 7 am practice. Sunday 7 am race.
5) Accounting final.  (Let’s just say, it HAS to be better than first semester.)
6) I literally still don’t have a voice.  (Since March 8th, fabulous.)
7) Spanish final… Not so bad, but the Oral Exam is just SO stressful.
The one thing that has been able to get me through it is: Pandora Radio
It is so awesome!  Since Sporty Sister and I share music, I don’t have any music in my iTunes on my laptop; it’s all on the family computer at home.  
Pandora is seriously amazing, and it’s FREE. Even better 🙂 You start by choosing a favorite artist.  From there, Pandora suggests other artists you may like.  You keep selecting the ones you like.  Try to make a playlist that is perfectly tailored to your taste.  If a song you don’t like comes on, you can click the Thumbs Down and it won’t play it again. Or, if you really like a song click Thumbs Up and it will play more songs like it.  
Mess around a little bit with it.  If you love music, you will love Pandora.
This morning, I coxed the first freshman boat against George Washington University and Rutgers.  We won!  It was a really good race, which makes it that much better.  Since we were betting shirts for this race, my boat and I got two: A red Rutgers tee and a navy GW tank.
-College Prepster

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Went on Pandora Radio…it IS fantastic!!! So fast to receive requests!!! Thanks for the imput from another music lover!!!