7 Budget-Friendly Easter Dishes

I can’t believe that it’s almost Easter– so early this year! I’m hoping that more spring-like weather will follow. I was planning on making a dessert, but I may have to revise my plans after reading this post from Louisa… the strawberry salad looks amazing!

7 Budget-Friendly Easter Dishes

Guest Post by Louisa from Living Lou

For Easter I love to make a roast leg of lamb or a glazed ham, but these aren’t always the most budget-friendly choices—and they can be quite intimidating. I figured there will be lots of cooking happening for Easter this weekend, whether it’s a brunch, dinner or a lunch, here are seven budget-friendly options for every kind of gathering.

1. Asparagus Egg Tart with Smoked Salmon

This is a total showstopper and is my go-to dish for Easter brunch. It just uses a little bit of smoked salmon at the end, so it’s worth spending a little extra on a high-quality product.

2. Strawberry Spinach Salad

This is what I made for our family Easter lunch last year. Strawberries and goat cheese are the perfect flavor combo and this light salad is a little more special than your typical salad.

3. Lemon Parsley Trout

If you’ll be having fish on Friday, this lemon parsley trout is so light and fresh and it looks incredible when served.

4. Split Pea and Ham Soup

If you are planning on having ham, same some leftovers and make this classic split pea and ham soup. It’s so delicious!

5. One-Pan Turkey with Vegetables

Sometimes we have turkey for Easter lunch as well—this one pan version is the best turkey I’ve ever had and it uses a turkey breast so it’s perfect for smaller gatherings.

6. Chocolate Pecan Torte

I forgot how much I loved this recipe until recently. It’s gluten-free and made with just six ingredients. Absolutely delicious and beautiful!

7. Bacon and Avocado Egg Salad Sandwiches

With all the leftover hard-boiled eggs, I love to make this egg salad. It makes a great grab-and-go lunch.

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Hi! I know that you can click through to see the linked photo but I always felt like it would be lovely to see a photo of the finished product here on your page as well. I’m a super visual person and I know that some of us get more inspired by a delicious looking pic than a delicious sounding recipe — just a thought!