Draper James Spring

Be sure to follow along Instagram later tonight because I’ve teamed up with Draper James for a fun giveaway 😉  I took these photos last week a couple of days before the snow storm. It was still way too cold to be out in sandals and a dress, but I couldn’t resist getting a few shots for the gram giveaway.

Draper James has a new collection out right now with “easy” pieces to wear this spring. And everything in that collection is under $100. I love that they’re including more casual outfits at affordable prices.

I picked out this utility jacket because of the amazing ruffle detailing on the sleeves. I’m totally adding this to my springtime jacket repertoire. It will look great with regular denim as well as white.

Draper James Utility Jacket

Draper James Jacket

(Also, love the magnolia print on the lining. My parents had a giant magnolia tree in the backyard and it, very sadly, fell on the house during a hurricane last year. Luckily the house was fine, but the backyard will never look the same!!)

Draper James Reese Witherspoon

Draper James Belted Daisy Vine Shirtdress

I’m also a major sucker for any kind of shirtdress. This one is particularly great because it doesn’t show wrinkles. (My only issue with shirtdresses in general!) A little belt around the waist gives it a flattering fit and there are so many colors in the print to accessorize with.

Normally I keep earrings super simple with diamond studs, but thought it’d be fun to wear pink drop earrings for an extra springy look.

Navy Scalloped Sandals

And the SHOES. Guys. Okay, two things you need to know. 1) I am trying to buy so much less than year’s past. I have been doing great this year, only buying one sweater in February. (It’s such a relief to not have the pressure to keep buying new things all the time. Loving it!) The next thing I bought were these shoes (on sale right now). Cannot get enough of them. 2) I have been dealing with tendonitis in the ball of my foot so high heels are completely out of the picture for now. These low heels are the best– so much more comfortable, even if I didn’t have an injury to deal with!

Jacket (c/o) // Dress (c/o) // Straw Handbag // Shoes // Earrings // Bangle // Similar Tennis Bracelet

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Obsessing over this jacket and dress! Excuse me while I open up a Draper James tab!! :))


I know! It’s not “cheap” but it’s certainly a great move in a better direction price-wise I think!


Those shoes are super cute! I have knee issues from years of dancing and can’t wear high heels any more. Thanks for sharing!


I would imagine it’s pretty easy not to purchase new items when you are consistently gifted new clothes? As a nonblogger surprised this is something that’s consistently brought up. Although success and progress is definitely relative to each individual glad you are sticking to your goals!


100%… although with gifted items it’s the brand reaching out to me about a particular product. It doesn’t eliminate the urge to shop and pick things out for myself though!