7 Healthy Recipes to Try Right Now

I have been kicking things up a notch at the gym, which is great and I’m feeling so amazing (and so much stronger). The one downside is that I’m constantly really hungry. My appetite is unbelievable now and what I crave has changed too. I want all the healthy food, and in big quantities! Can’t wait to try some of these recipes.

7 Healthy Recipes to Try Right Now

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I’ve been feeling quite sluggish recently and have started to turn my focus onto eating a varied diet that is full of all the good things. I love to eat everything, so I try and include as much variety as possible into my meals. With that in mind, I found that I wasn’t always taking the best care of myself, so over the past month or so I’ve shifted to trying to eat a lot more healthfully.

That means something different for everyone, but for me it’s enjoying meals that are delicious and filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Here are the ten standby recipes I’ve been leaning on in the last little while.

1. Grilled Salmon Skewers

It was finally hot enough to fire up the grill this weekend! I love to make these salmon skewers as they are loaded with a ton of delicious veggies.

2. One-Pan Chicken with Veggies

You honestly cannot go wrong with this dish—it’s perfect for lunches throughout the week as well!

3. Farro Tabbouleh

I love to eat farro and find it’s a great alternative to rice! Plus it makes for a hearty salad.

4. Six-Vegetable White Bean Soup

Pro-Tip: You can totally switch up the vegetables in this recipe depending on what you have on hand.

5. Lemon Thyme Roasted Chicken

I love roasting a chicken on the weekend with some veggies for a healthy dinner.

6. Vegetarian Curry

This curry is packed with vegetables and is so comforting and easy to make, I like to add chickpeas but you could also do tofu (or chicken if you don’t want it to be vegetarian).

7. Mini Breakfast Frittatas

These are the perfect grab-and-go-snack! I also love to bring these for breakfast (which I tend to eat at my desk around 10 am).

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There is not much of seed sprinkling here? I find seeds of different type a great way to amp the nutrition bit during phases when am cutting down the calories but want more intensive nutrition. Also, more baking ideas please!


The grilled salmon skewers look AMAZING. I get the same way when I do heavy workouts at the gym, so I can’t wait to try these. Thanks for sharing!!


Excited to try the salmon skewers! I’ve been a vegetarian for years and just started to eat fish!