7 Savory Recipes for Every Holiday Occasion

These are drool-worthy dishes from Louisa today. Cheesy breads, baked brie, nachos, popcorn… what’s not to love?! All of these are great options if you’re having people over or heading over to someone’s house for the holidays. YUM.

7 Savory Recipes for Every Holiday Occasion

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

While I love baked goods and holiday treats as much as the next girl, you can’t forget that the holiday season also calls for all things savory! Think appetizers for cocktail parties, or something healthier for the office potluck.

I’ll be back with a holiday treats roundup next time, but for now here are the savory dishes that will soon become a holiday staple you’ll cook year after year.

For the potluck…

Cheesy Herbed Garlic Bread

I served this at a get together a couple of weeks ago and everyone was going crazy for it. This recipe comes together so quickly and never fails.

Baked Brie with sundried tomatoes and red pepper jelly

We brought this dish to another potluck recently, the colors are festive (red and green!) and the flavor is impeccable. This recipe calls for camembert, but this is a bit of a stronger cheese so I’d opt for Brie when bringing to a potluck. 

Blue Cheese Chopped Salad

I know salads can be dull, but every good potluck needs a salad. This chopped salad uses a savory blue cheese dressing to take it to another level.

For the cocktail party…

Seafood salad

Seafood salad is a little bit of a fancier dish which makes it perfect for a cocktail party–I like to serve mine in small glasses (champagne flutes would be adorable!). Bonus? This seafood salad gets better after a day in the fridge.

Prosciutto wrapped shrimp

Another fancier dish, except this is so easy with literally two ingredients and the perfect sweet and savory bite-sized morsel.

For a girls’ night holiday-movie marathon

Spicy Buffalo nachos

Hello, nachos! These nachos with avocado and a Buffalo hot sauce sour cream drizzle are out of this world.

Parmesan popcorn

Butter and cheese? Yes, please. Elevate the otherwise humble popcorn with this standout recipe.

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