Tartan Ice Skating

J. Crew decked out the ice skating rink at Brookfield Place in TARTAN and it couldn’t be more perfect for the holidays. Even the Zamboni is wrapped in tartan!!!

My friend Julia and I headed over there on Monday night for a little skating party with J. Crew. We had so much fun. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Monday night. The only thing that could have made it better would have been for some flurries, but I’m not going to complain because it was a gorgeous night.

We showed up in totally coordinated, totally unplanned, outfits. Considering everything is 48% off through the end of today, I didn’t want to wait to share the photos (or our outfits). I hope you can tell from these just how much fun we had!!

Ice Skating

I wore my go-to coat right now with a bright tartan scarf.

J. Crew Tartan Scarf Ice Skating J. Crew Rink NYC

At one point we switched from skating to push each around on these little scoot things for kids. We really got some speed because we didn’t have to worry about balance and it was an actual workout! I could NOT stop laughing during this.

J. Crew Holiday Cover

Had to whip this one up in photoshop to pretend like we’re on our own J. Crew catalog cover, you know? It was too hard to resist!

Preppy Ice Skating

Sequin Shoes

I’m wearing: Camel Coat // Similar Sweater // Scarf // Jeans c/o) // Sequin Shoes (c/o) // Beret

Julia’s wearing: Coat // Sweater // Skirt // Scarf // Hat

Photography by Julia D’Agostino (she took these photos WHILE ice skating… talk about skills!)

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Love the tartan! Although this is a January idea, I’m a neat person but finding my house cluttered already before the holidays. I need a good “toss it out” post. I’ve already hinted to family…usable, disposable or necessary. Having lived in NYC, smaller spaces make it all the more difficult.


This makes me want to go ice skating….until I remember that actual ice skating means a rink crowded with rowdy teenagers and oblivious kids and totally stresses me out because I’m anything but steady on ice skates! How did you guys ever get the rink to yourselves?!