DIY Framed Photo Gifts

Framed photographs are always some of my favorite gifts to give. It can get expensive though to do a bunch of custom framing. I partnered with Walmart on this post to show how you can turn photos from your phone to giftable works of art!

I currently have been really into diptych photographs and decided to create a series of my own for my apartment and for gifts. It’s super easy, affordable, and fun to create.

The first step is to find two photos that work well for a series. This is where you can flex your creative muscles. You can either go through what you have on your phone already or set off to take photos with the project in mind. Some ideas I had for other diptychs:

Serious + goofy portraits, black and white + color photos, a monument or special place photographed from two different angles, before and after shots, two up close and personal detail shots, etc.

DIY Gifts

I decided to use two photos of the Eiffel Tower that I took from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. I took one during my trip last summer and the other one from my most recent trip this fall. I LOVE the dichotomy between the bright green trees and the turning leaves. Yet it’s more or less the same view.

I uploaded the photos to to have prints made. As much as I love having my photos on my phone, and stored in the cloud, and backed up on a hard drive… you just can’t beat holding physical copies of your photos! I am just in LOVE with how they turned out. I loved the photos before, I love them even more now that they’re off my phone. This project actually inspired me to go through my phone and find a few more favorites to print.

Photos from my phone could be blown up to 8 x 10 inches, which was perfect for the bigger frames as was the 4 x 6 inch prints for smaller frames.

Digital Photo Framed Gifts

To make your framed photographs look even better and more professional, choose a frame with a mat. It instantly makes your photos POP and makes even a smaller print stand out even more.

Shop some of my frame picks below:

For the smaller prints, I picked out these gold frames. They look so great hanging next to each other.

Walmart Digital Prints

For my bigger 8 x 10 inch prints, I popped them into these white 11 x 14 inch frames (under $10 each!). I didn’t even want to cover the photographs with wrapping paper so I opted to do ribbon only!

DIY Gift Idea Framed Eiffel Tower

What do you guys think?!

Paris Diptych DIY Diptych Photos

If you’re like me and haven’t gotten photos printed in forever, I highly recommend using Walmart’s photo center. You can pick them up within an hour or have them delivered straight to your house with either a matte or glossy finish! Add a frame and you have yourself the perfect gift to give– or keep for yourself.

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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I had it from a gift I received so I’m not sure where it’s from specifically! But a craft store probably has it!


What a great gift idea! I love the photos you chose, too. I just hung up some Charleston prints I got from a local photographer last year and they make me so happy! Didn’t know Walmart did this though–good to know! Merry Christmas!

Kelly Larkin

This is my FAVE! I am such a fan of Walmart’s Photo Center, because the quality is so much better than what I used to get at my local pharmacy. The turnaround is amazingly quick, too! And these would make for the perfect gift for your boyfriend, Carter or Daphne!! <3 xoxo!

Shannon Marlowe

I love how these turned out! I’m currently re decorating my home office space and need some new art so this post is just in time! Did you go with a matte or glossy finish on your prints?

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I’ve recently moved into my new apartment and having been decorating. I have prints up on my wall but only one of the bunch are framed. I feel like getting stuff framed is such an adult thing to do haha. One day my wall will resemble something closer to an art gallery than a college dorm room… one day… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Alicia Kraus

Transform a simple photograph into a work of art by having it professionally wrapped around a wooden canvas. Purchase a set of three or four canvas prints for a living room photo wall collage.