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I’m always in a good mood when Friday rolls around, but I’m extra excited today. My whole fam is flying in for a little pre-Christmas holiday weekend. My boyfriend and I wanted to host our families for a big holiday dinner and the weekend is finally here!! I’m sure we’ll spend some time in NYC, but I’m also excited to show them our apartment and give them a little Hoboken tour, too.

Ralph's Coffee

Speaking of the city, I went in a couple of times this week and loved the Christmas spirit everywhere. It’s a little (okay, a lot) more hectic than normal, but it’s totally worth the crowds. I actually think it makes everything even more festive with all the hustle and bustle. I swung by Rockefeller Center by myself on Wednesday, grabbed a cup of coffee*, and watched the skaters in the rink! I was feeling a little crazed beforehand and I instantly felt a little calmer and more cheery about the season.

* I had a few people DM me about Ralph’s. I miss the old Ralph’s Coffee in their flagship store BUT, they just opened up a little pop-up in Rockefeller Center. They have chairs set up and all the coffee you could ever wish for. You can also buy little gifts like the amazing Ralph’s Coffee mugs there, too. 

Okay here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Spread Kindness and Joy

My friend Meghan started a campaign all about spreading kindness and joy this holiday season. I love her ideas on little ways you can bring a little kindness and joy into someone’s life right now. Great idea Meghan, I love it!! One of the things I’ve been doing recently is sending $5 virtual Starbucks cards or Venmos to friends if I feel like they could use a little boost.

TWO // A “Perfect” Tartan Scarf

This is a gorgeous tartan scarf!! I love both the black and the grey version. If you’re looking for a “perfect” tartan scarf, I think this is it.

THREE // “thank u, next” Music Video

Okay, Ariana Grande’s latest music video is incredible. I watched it five times in a row, each time noting a new thing in the background. She recreated scenes from some iconic movies and seriously nailed every detail. It was also the fastest music video to ever reach 100 million views on Youtube!

FOUR // Winter Lilly

If you’re going to be somewhere warm this winter like me (I’m celebrating Christmas in Florida!), definitely look into this gorgeous Lilly dress. It totally has holiday vibes, without being too wintery. Today they’re doing a free stocking with every purchase over $75!

FIVE // Rockette Auditions

Did I tear up watching this dancer audition for the Rockettes? Maybe 😉You know how much I love the Rockettes and I know being one is the ultimate dream for so many little girls. It’s crazy amazing to watch someone get the part!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Oh my gosh, that music video was iconic!! Kris Jenner was my fav :’) I texted my friends about it immediately 😛 // Meghan’s ideas are so sweet! Even though a $5 Starbucks card isn’t all that much, I know that it would make my day, not just because *who doesn’t want a warm beverage on a cold wintry day,* but also because I would be touched that someone thought of me :’) // Have such a great time with your families! I spent Thanksgiving in NYC and definitely fell into the festive mood the day after! My friend and I headed straight to the holiday markets that Friday! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Carly! I love this post and watched the Rockette piece and also tested up! I was hoping to see a hometown girl in this piece. Sophie Silnicki is a new Rockette! She is from my town and has trained, dances and taught with her mother’s dance studio, Movements In Dance, in little ol’ Fairmont, WV! It is exciting for their studio(most of them made a trip last week to NYC to see her in her debut Christmas Spectacular! I was hoping her group was in the Macy’s Day parade, but not this year. There are a few video clips out there of her, the casting and her family.