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Gifts for the Little Ones

Right now so many of my friends have little ones and I love getting to spoil them. Everything is so much cuter when it’s smaller, right?!

So I think the first caveat is that if the person has an Amazon wish list for their kiddos, it’s usually a good place to start. Especially if there’s something someone needs or wants, or has explicitly said “no” to, that would be my first line of guidance when figuring out what to get– it’s never a bad idea to ask mom or dad.

Gifts for Kids

Books are ALWAYS a good idea. I’ve never had someone (a kid or adult) say, “Ugh, another book.” I love picking out books and giving ones that I remember loving when I was little. Don’t forget to write a little inscription inside. My sister and I still treasure the books we received as gifts, especially when there’s a not from the giver inside! Three books I’ve recently given: Madeline board book (we gave these to the girls when we got back from Paris), Little Feminist set, and Where’s Spot?.

Melissa and Doug make the CUTEST toys for kids. The Wooden Cookie Set is adorable. Definitely ask the parents if there’s a particular set they think their kids would like. One year, I knew my friend was getting her kids a play kitchen and so I helped “stock” the kitchen with fun play sets from Melissa and Doug.

The Instax Mini camera is a fun gift idea for kids, tweens, and even teens. (Heck, I have one myself and it’s so much fun!). If you know that a child has a camera already, consider getting a cute case and strap to accessorize it!

I stole the idea of giving baby Hunter Boots from a friend and it’s become my GO TO gift for baby showers. It’s a crowd pleaser, too. Because honestly, what’s cuter than tiny rainboots? (If I’m giving these at a baby shower, I usually do three board books as well so mom can use the boots as book ends before they fit the toddler!)

I’ve seen the commercials for these things and I know they’re all the rage with kiddos lately. One of my favorite kids requested a Hatchimal and how can you say no!

Another way to stock a play kitchen… cute wooden appliances. Why weren’t these around when I was a kid????

This is an adorable little felt tea set, complete with treats, cakes, and teacups. A great idea for an “entry-level” tea set that won’t break with rough handling.

I feel like everyone knows at least one kid absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs. The Magnetic Dinosaur Set Melissa and Doug is too cute and can be used for traveling, on the fridge, or set up in a playroom.

These may not be the most practical, but sometimes it’s hard to resist something cute and luxurious. It’s fun to spoil them when you’re not the actual parent. Ralph Lauren Baby is usually my first stop for baby clothes for gifts. Here’s the ice skating bear and the other bear!

And another huge gift? This DIY Slime Bucket with everything a kid needs to make slime!

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My sister requested everyone give a book instead of a card at her baby shower for my niece who’s now 2. So she has so many books with little notes from loved ones in them. Since then, I’ve started the tradition of giving my niece a book every year for her bday!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

The felt tea set is so cute, and the polaroid is such a great idea. I remember that Naomi x Love Taza shared about her kids using polaroids, and it was so interesting to see the world from her kids’ perspectives. Plus, I think kids like the immediate gratification of seeing the photos print out right away! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Southern & Style

As a new mom I totally agree-these are all precious gifts! My favorites are the books though, my son has so many that have been given with sweet notes on the inside and those are just so special!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


My go-to gifting for my friend’s kids is clothing (because they’re constantly growing into new sizes, so in need of new clothes!), books, and then adding in a small, simple toy as just one small part of it. They already have SO many toys – they really don’t need any more at all!