7 Super Healthy Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

Even though Louisa has penned these for dinners, the recipes below are going to be perfect for lunches for me! Working from home is amazing, but I tend to get a little crazy around lunchtime. More often than not I don’t stop for lunch until I’m already hangry, so these will be great to turn to when I need to whip something up, fast!


7 Super Healthy Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I found that I have been feeling pretty sluggish recently, I think it’s a combination of a little overindulgence during the holidays and just some bad eating habits. My office is the worst for treats; there is always something sweet hanging around for that afternoon craving. To get my diet cleaned up a bit, one of my friends and I decided to do a little bit of a detox to reset our bodies. Boy did it work! It was only five days, but this mindful eating has helped me come back to that healthier style of cooking that I love.

I don’t like to put restrictions on my diet, and I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have any food allergies, but I’m definitely going to be more aware of the amount of sugar and dairy that I eat and also just eating healthier meals in general. I’ve rounded up seven super healthy dinners that are ready in 30 minutes or less; these are my go-to dinners that I make pretty much all the time.

1. Ginger scallion soup

This is ready in just 20 minutes and my go-to for cold days when I feel like eating something lighter. If you love Asian-style soups (think pho or ramen), then you’ll love this recipe. It’s gluten-free (uses rice noodles) and vegan

2. Asparagus, zucchini and tofu stir fry

A quick vegetarian stir fry served over brown rice (or coconut brown rice) is super healthy and quick dinner, I love this version because it’s packed with veggies and tofu.

3. Farro tabbouleh

I make this tabbouleh for lunches on a Sunday to eat throughout the week. You could use quinoa in place of farro, but I like to vary my diet and include more ancient grains. I love the nuttiness of farro, and it’s available in pretty much every grocery store now.

4. Vegetarian taco wraps

Another quick vegetarian dinner, I like to use whole wheat wraps but if you’re sensitive to gluten you can always use corn wraps instead.

5. Chopped salad with herbed tofu dressing

There is nothing I love more than a huge chopped salad! I love to make this homemade creamy (and vegan) herbed tofu dressing — it’s like a ranch dressing but better.

6. Summer quinoa salad

Despite the name, you can totally make this salad all year! Packed with veggies, quinoa, and fresh herbs this is a quick and healthy dinner. Perfect if you want to go vegetarian and sans-gluten.

7. 5-ingredient miso salmon baked in parchment

You can’t have a list of fast and healthy dinners without a fish recipe on there! Fish can be expensive, so I don’t eat it all the time, but when I do you can bet that I’m making this miso salmon with snow peas.

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I have almost the exact same quinoa salad packed for lunch today! I use grape tomatoes instead of a regular one and skip the dressing. I also throw in spinach when the quinoa is done cooking and let it steam with the quinoa — it gets just a little wilted without being mushy. Sooo good!


Always wanted to make pho or ramen at home, but I get so intimidated by all the ingredients! The ginger scallion soup sounds like a first good step!