I have a couple of little weekend trips planned for the year, and I’m looking forward to squeezing in some longer ones when I can. There are a few places I am prioritizing, but I’m also trying to be open minded. Would love to know what travel plans you have coming up… or suggestions for some of your favorite places!

I’m fortunate to have a super flexible schedule (and a great doggy day care that the pups are obsessed with). Most of the trips I do are planned last minute, so I’m sure things will pop up– and fall through. But here are some places I’m trying to get to:


Charleston // When I found out Julia was moving to Charleston, I was selfishly so excited to be able to visit! I went a couple of years ago, but want to visit again. I’d love to be able to try more restaurants, shop more, see more of the town, and (of course) hang out with my friends!

LA or San Francisco // My family went to San Francisco when I was in eighth grade. It’s the only time I’ve ever been to California. A few of my friends have the best time in LA, and I’d love to see it and catch up with some of my friends out there.

Bermuda Old

Bermuda // I haven’t been to Bermuda since I was little. I have very random memories (one of a girl getting stung by a jellyfish, having tea time at the hotel every afternoon, the pink sand) and would love to revisit the island as an adult. I was supposed to go with my best friend a couple of years ago, but we had to cancel due to a Hurricane… it’s been on my travel wishlist ever since.

Palm Beach // Even though I grew up in Florida, I’ve only been to the east coast a few times. My family has driven through Miami on the way to the Keys and my high school’s football state championship was there, but I haven’t been to Palm Beach yet. A friend and I were thinking that it would be the perfect girls’ trip!


Nantucket // When we got our first snow here in Connecticut this winter, I booked a cottage on Nantucket for a week in July. It was a little spontaneous, but it’s a goal of mine to spend as much time as possible out there this summer. I know I’ll be out there for at least a week and I’m trying to tack on either a week before that or a week after with more friends. Plus… every other time I have the chance.

Boca GrandeBoca Grande // After going for the first time last year, I’m dying to get back. It’s a really easy drive from my parent’s house in Tampa, so I’d ideally make it part of a trip while visiting them… hopefully with the whole family again too!

Paris // This is the least set in stone. With everything going on in the world, I’m actually pretty nervous about traveling internationally. BUT, Paris has been on my bucket list forever it seems like. No time like the present, right?! I probably wouldn’t go until the fall… so plenty of time to plan, and dream.

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OMG Carrrrrrrllllllyyyyyy please come to LA! I am just dying to meet you 🙂 I go to school at USC, and if you are interested, I could definitely try to help see if you could come speak at my school or do a fun meet and greet type thing! There is a Vineyard Vines in Newport Beach at Fashion island that maybe you could do a meet and greet at too. Whatever you think! Would love to see you. xoxo


UCLA student here, but I agree with everything Shayla said! I think you would really enjoy LA 🙂


Paris is really a must see and one of the best cities in the world! I think you have some exciting plans! 🙂
I’m going to Madeira and Egypt this spring and thinking about Africa for the summer. 🙂


Come to LA!!! I would love to meet you and it seems like every time I’m on the east coast, I just miss a meet and greet with you 🙁 Would love to see you! or help you with the planning!


What a great list!! I love traveling and your list is inspiring me to grow mine. When you go to Charleston, go to Oak Steakhouse. It is incredible. I went there the night I got engaged….which happened in front of the pineapple fountain. Have a great time!


We’ve recently moved to Germany (from New Zealand) and have so much wanderlust! For travel deals I highly recommend following a FaceBook page called “Secret Flying”, which posts amazing airfare deals. It could really help for planning a trip to Paris, especially if you’re flexible about when to go you could get some really cheap flights – which means more spending money for shopping and eating amazing French food!
At the moment we’re mainly planning trips within Europe, we went to the Canary Islands for New Years, and London, Dublin, Budapest and Croatia are on the cards for this year, but Cuba is also really high up our travel list. Good luck with all your travel plans Carly, sounds like a great way to make 2017 a memorable year! xx


Oh! I like that page already– it’s amazing. I also follow @jetbluecheeps on Twitter for their flash sales!


Dear Carly,

Travelling is life’s joy!
Please do not get discouraged by the current situation and everything that is going on in the world and go to Paris – I live in Europe, and also lived in Paris for quite some time. You will love the city, the food, the art, the savoir vivre.

I also very recently travelled to the West of the US (Vegas, San Francisco, LA) and I highly recommend for you not only to see the cities. When you are in the San Francisco area, also consider to visit Carmel and do the 17-Miles-Drive. What ever you plan – have fun!


Definitely would LOVE to do the drive! When my family went to SF we went to Carmel and it was stunning!


Bermuda! Nantucket! These are on my hit list! I guess being state-side it’s much easier for you to pop to these destinations. Being in London, I’ve done Paris three times and I can tell you it’s beautiful, magic, inspiring and absolutely worth it.

I’m planning to get to the States for the first time this year, but sadly won’t have a chance to hit the small, quaint spots (like Nantucket) and am instead venturing to NYC and San Fran (top of my list!!). I’ll check back for your updates on your trips!

Julia Oman

Oh, Charleston! You should definitely visit during “off season;” it is so beautiful in the spring and fall here (I guess it’s beautiful in the summer too 😉 )! Whenever you come, I hope you love it as much as those of us who live here!


Oh, Charleston! You should definitely visit during “off season;” it is so beautiful in the spring and fall here (I guess it’s beautiful in the summer too 😉 )! Whenever you come, I hope you love it as much as those of us who live here!


I live in San Francisco, and friends who come to visit always have the best time! If you’re set on seeing LA and San Francisco in one trip, I *highly* reccomend roadtripping down highway 101. It’s also called the Pacific Coast Highway and has amazing views of the ocean, Big Sur, and even an elephant seal beach! It would be a great way to see the state while travelling between the two big cities.

Jess Zimlich

Charleston is at the top of my list this year! I’m hoping to make it happen in the spring. I was just talking with my sister about visiting California again. Last time I visited (San Fran) was in high school! She booked a last minute trip to LA last week and is there now. It looks amazing 🙂 I’d love to do some hiking out there. Also, I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’ve never been to NYC. It’s a super cheap flight from Chicago, so I just need to make it happen one of these weekends!

Jordana @WhiteCabana

Yes, yes, yes to all of the above! I’ve been to a bunch of them, but not all. I’m sure you’ll have fun in each of those spots. But…have you considered coming north of the border to Canada?


Bermuda is my family’s favorite place to visit!! It’s a two hour flight from Boston to paradise — so easy!! It’s perfect for a long weekend getaway. You should definitely go to Paris, Carly. You will LOVE it, and I can’t wait to see your pictures when you do go! I have a trip to Thailand coming up! I’m nervous (especially because it’s 24 hrs of traveling to get there – yikes), but also really really excited to visit Asia for the first time! The flight is what gives me the most anxiety, but I’m determined to not let that get in my way!


I’m excited to be visiting Nantucket this summer for the first time! It seems like an absolutely beautiful place! Love the list you have! Charleston is also a favorite. So much history and charm!


Paris is absolutely a must see! If you’re into art and fashion, you couldn’t ask for a better place to visit. Don’t be afraid to travel there; it’s a very safe city (no less safe than NYC or any other large city in the US).


If you ever want to venture to the midwest, Minneapolis/St. Paul in the summer is an amazing destination. So much to do!


Go to Paris! Just pull the trigger and make it happen even if you must go alone. Keep in mind that even though the news makes it sound scary Europe is generally safer than the US in terms of violent crime. I saved up my first year out of college and took myself to France and the UK and Paris is absolutely my most favorite city.

Julia B.

I grew up in LA, so I’ve created a whole list of literary-themed places to visit! (they’re right up your alley based on your love of the Oxford Exchange!) Have you ever been to Birmingham, Alabama? We have two weddings there this year and I’d love to get your top picks! Based on your recommendation, I dragged my family to Ralph’s in NYC during Christmas and it was just so perfect, thank you for your recommendation!


Don’t let your fear keep you from traveling internationally! I know it’s scary right now… but that’s exactly what they want! The odds of being in the same exact place as an attack are incredibly low. Paris is amazing. I’ve been almost everywhere and something about it always brings me back.

Taylor Cannon

All of those places sound wonderful! If you end up going to San Francisco I highly recommend spending at least half a day visiting Muir Woods. We went in December of 2015 and loved it. Another favorite place of mine to visit is St. Helena/Yountville (in California). Even if you aren’t a wine person, Napa is such an incredible place to visit!

This year we are hoping to take short rips to Chicago, Maine (Portland & Bar Harbor), and Kansas City!

Taylor |

Napa Trip:
Muir Woods:


Carly, I’m probably about 10 years older than you, and I have done a fair amount of solo international travel and I just felt compelled to share that I’ve loved your blog so much more in 2017 and I wanted to share a bit with you. My first solo vacation was to Iceland in 2015 and it pretty soon after a breakup (the loneliness was palpable) but the trip was so freeing and confidence-building. I made friends and had an amazing adventure. JUST GO to Paris. Book your ticket, book an Airbnb or cozy, beautiful apartment in a cute little neighborhood like Le Marais. Ask Julia where she likes to stay! Learn a few key French phrases (attempting to speak and being polite will get you far) and pack your sense of adventure. I guarantee you will come back a changed woman from the confidence and because Paris is just magical (so is Iceland though). I am rooting for you. <3

I am also a huge fan of LA and San Francisco and think those are excellent places to start if international solo travel scares you a bit. You can do it though, I know it.


Great, great, GREAT destinations! I am in love with San Francisco, having travelled there for both work and pleasure several times. It is a must go!

My travel goals this year are:
Denver – this weekend!
Cuba – Memorial Day Weekend
Greece – 10 days (around the 4th of July weekend)
Maine – this is my least set in stone travel, but I was hoping for later August or maybe Labor Day Weekend


This is such a good list! I’ve declared 2017 to be the year of travel so what better time to check things off your bucket list! I went to Paris a few years ago, it’s everything you could ever want and more!

Maina Carey

All of that sounds amazing, and I’m so excited for you! I have some suggestions for around Connecticut too, for a weekend or day trip. I live in Middlesex County and it is absolutely beautiful up here. Don’t get me wrong, Fairfield County is just as beautiful. But Middlesex is filled with beautiful small towns like East Haddam, Old Lyme, and Deep River, and coastal towns like Old Saybrook, Essex, and Madison. There are wonderful restaurants and sights to see. I would love to see you up here! (I’m from Clinton, and you should definitely make it up to our August fireworks festival!)


I’m 100% going to be exploring more of Connecticut this year. So excited and have a growing list already. I’m going to Winvian Farm next week!


I highly suggest Chicago,IL if you haven’t already been there. I hear it’s beautiful during the summer, but I went during the winter and it was gorgeous!


My top three travel locations (in no particular order) are:

1) Victoria, BC, Canada
I spent parts of my summer vacations in Victoria during my childhood and teen years, but going back as an adult was a really fun experience. I was delighted by the gorgeous architecture of the Fairmont Empress Hotel and the BC Legislature Building, enchanted by the street performers and vendors of the Inner Harbour, and dazzled by the gorgeous flowers everywhere. The food in Victoria is also a standout (The Guild Freehouse, Old Vic Fish and Chips, West Coast Waffles, Murchies, and 10 Acres Bistro especially). It’s an especially great holiday if you like to walk and browse, or if you like museums, because the Royal BC Museum is not to be missed.

2) Seattle, WA
There was a three year period where my husband and I went to Seattle in the spring as a yearly trip. Much like Victoria, it’s a great holiday if you love to walk (or to eat). It was such a fun experience, visiting the first Starbucks at Pike Place Market and exploring the market itself and walking around the streets of Seattle’s waterfront area. The food is the real showstopper in Seattle, though. From Pike Place Fish and Chips’ coconut shrimp to everything at the Miller’s Guild in the Hotel Max (a restaurant where everything is cooked over a wood fire), it was a foodie’s dream! I’d love to go back to see other attractions, like the Aquarium and the MoPOP Museum.

3) San Diego, CA
This is the newest addition to the list. My husband and I went last May for a friend’s wedding and we stayed right in the heart of Old Town. It was beautiful and not only was there lots to see and explore within walking distance, but Old Town was right near a major public transit hub and it was relatively easy to get down to Pacific Beach. (Bonus: There is a rail train line that runs from the same Old Town transit hub to Anaheim, CA, if you want to hit up Disneyland while you’re in the state!) We caught the end of the Cinco De Mayo celebrations in the neighbourhood, so there were a lot of delicious foods to choose from, but there were also a variety of restaurants in the area that were amazing and the mochas were incredible. Old Town is also home to one of the most haunted houses in the US and there are a variety of other attractions in bus/Uber distance. It was really fun!


Charleston is amazing. I went last year during my trip to Kiawah Island. The food is outstanding. You have to go to Taco Boy. My sister loved Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits.

San Francisco is great. I only got to experience it for a few days last summer, but I loved every second. You have to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. I wish I went during sunset. The Alcatrez tour is great. It was so much better than I was expecting. The view of San Francisco from the boat ride is breathtaking.

I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Are you going with your friends for the week in Nantucket? I’ve never been to Nantucket, but it sounds beautiful.


When Julia moved to Charleston, I sent her a few places to check out! There are so many historical sites, the food is out of this world, the atmosphere. I lived there for six years (college and grad school) and spent my summers as a child on Kiawah Island. It’s no wonder it’s the number one city- however, the tourists are crazy!

Trips for 2017 so far include: Charleston, SC- March
Germany (touring castles)- May
Paris and Normandy- June
Washington DC- June
Hawaii (for work)- July or August
Minnesota- November
Ireland- December

(really want to add Iceland bc tickets are so cheap but we have so many weddings we are going to… plus our own)

I really want to make it up to Nantucket and explore more of the northeast. We’ve been to Boston, Vermont, New York but I really want to go up to Maine and eat my bodyweight in lobster. Cannot wait to hear about your travels.


Ah your list is giving ME major wanderlust now! I went to Charleston for the first time in September and absolutely loved it. Doesn’t it feel like there’s just never enough time to enjoy its charm? Since you love Charleston, you should definitely check out Savannah, too! Its like a smaller, slightly less touristy version of Charleston. The architecture and history are just to die for. If you can ever head there, check out The Olde Pink House (its actually pink!!) for dinner and SoHo South for lunch (best tomato soup and grilled cheese ever). I can’t wait to follow along with your travels 🙂


I’ve not been to any of the places you mentioned but they all sound beautiful and I’m sure they’ll all end up on my own travel bucket list at some point! Lovely post.


I might be partial, but Austin, TX is one of my favorite cities. It’s quirky and unique with something for everyone. Also the food options are amazing!


Sounds like you have some great plans! I’m dying to visit Charleston.
If you’re looking for another great place to add, consider Iceland! There’s so much to do and it’s not all hiking, there are some great spas and beautiful things to see.
Don’t be afraid of going to Europe, unfortunately terrible things happen all over the world and Paris is SO special it’d be unfortunate to miss it due to fear!


Hi Carly,

I’ve been reading your blog since 2010 and following you on social media but I’ve never commented, and recently reading about your new year’s goals and break up (which I was very sorry to read), I felt compelled to reach out. I was in a similar place a few months ago, having gone through a break up and moving into a new apartment. I felt very…lost.

I have lived in San Francisco for the last 3 years and before that I was in Portland, Oregon, where I grew up. I am in consulting so I moved to SF for work and I love the city. So much of what you say resonates with me – getting tired of the city, wanting to find a place where you can have both the opportunities, but the comfort and ease of daily life. I’m also jealous of your adorable dogs.

I’m 28 now and even though it’s just a number, I do feel differently about how I want to live my life than I did when I was 25. I’ve thought about moving back to Portland and working for my firm remotely, buying a house and letting the city go. Or…picking up and moving to a totally new city. But starting over sounds exhausting. So I very much appreciate this post on travel and if you are ever in SF, I’d love to meet you. I included my blog which I’ve been terrible at updating lately.

Good luck and keep being the inspirational lady that you are! I have loved following along on your adventures.


Nicole Coppins

Sounds like an exciting year if you can get even half of these trips in! Now you’re tempting me to hop on Pinterest and start some vacation planning for myself…. Best of luck planning out these trips- can’t wait to see where you will go! XO, Nicole

Devon Hembury

Charleston and Nantucket have both been on my bucket list forever it seems like! Those are two that I’d LOVE to do this year. I did a month long Europe trip last year so I might hold off on any long trips for a while, haha. 😉 xo Devon Seventeen Dresses


Awesome list! I am hoping to finally check out Nantucket this year and would love to get back to Charleston. Beautiful, Beautiful place! We did Paris for our first wedding anniversary back in 2012 and it was LOVELY. I will have to make a post about it. Inspired to write this year!


These all sound delightful! We’re hoping to make it to Latvia with friends this summer, and then we want to do a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in either Nantucket or Rhode Island. And we’re planning a honeymoon in either Kenya, Tanzania, or Ethiopia over Christmas!


Ah, please don’t let idiots freak you out about traveling internationally. Things can and will happen anywhere, it’s best to just live your life and travel where you want while you still can!

Would LOVE if you came to LA, I can definitely recommend cool spots depending on what kind of vibe you’re going for. As a native Angeleno (we’re rare, haha), I love showing people around my town. There really is a unique experience waiting for everyone.

Charleston is SO beautiful! Lucky that you have Julia to visit. There’s so much history there, one of those carriage tours is really worth it to learn about the rich history. Also the plantations are beautiful (and full of history) but OMG watch out for gators. We saw one at the Magnolia Plantation and I nearly lost my shit (um, there are no warning signs anywhere!).

Also, I’m sure Julia can give you tons of tips for Paris but if I can throw one in: dinner at Allard. It’s one of the remaining historic bistros and such a great treat. Try the snails, they’re DELISH (promise). Oh, and the covered passages are pretty awesome, too! Looking forward to hearing about your travels!

On my list this year: Lake Tahoe for skiing in March, Barcelona and Bilbao in April, Mexico City in May, potentially London in the fall, a summer weekend on Catalina Island, and many weekend trips to San Francisco (my bestie lives there).


Some of my favorite places that I have traveled to last minute have included Rhode Island, Pittsburgh, Hocking Hills in Southern Ohio (which is a place of dreams), and Erie, PA. I too enjoy last minute trips. Honestly I think the fun of a short trip is much less stressful than planning for a long stay away from home.

Southern & Style

Oh my goodness, I love Charleston SO much! If you go, you must eat the tomato pudding at the Hominy Grill. It sounds so gross, but it’s the best thing I’ve ever, ever put in my mouth!

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style

Stacy Smith

Ah Bermuda. I lived there for several years and go often I’m married to a Bermudian! And Charleston!


Have you ever visited Block Island? It’s super close by and it’s a fun day or weekend trip. I love to bike and hike there! Also I’ve been to the LA area-visit the Santa Monica Pier! If you like hiking, take the 2 hr drive to Joshua Tree National Park.


I’ve been to several of the places on your list! The summer before last I flew out to LA for a few days and absolutely loved it. Check out Donut Friend in Echo Park for doughnuts and Eveleigh in West Hollywood for brunch. And touristy or not, LACMA is really cool.

I have family in Charleston, so I’ve been a few times. The entire King St. area is adorable. Glazed Gourmet for doughnuts (I really like doughnuts) and the Grocery, Poogan’s Porch, or Eli’s Table for brunch.

I haven’t been to Bermuda in years (pretty sure I was three or four, and I’m 21 now haha), but I remember it being beautiful— pink sand!

I’m from Boca Raton, an hour south of Palm Beach. I’ve spent a decent bit of time up there, and I’m honestly not sure whether it’s worth an entire trip, especially since you’re from Florida. I don’t know haha.

I really want to visit Paris, too, and I’m hoping to visit London/the UK this summer!


I moved out to LA for a short bit for work and found myself a teensy bit nostalgic (or homesick) for CT and the northeast’s charm and history. What I did really enjoy was some of the road trips I took while there. If you have some friends and a weekend free, try driving inland from LA through the orange groves and farms to Death Valley, up to Yosemite, and then out to the coast to Monterey. From there, you can drive down the coast, see Bixby Bridge and Big Sur, stop in Santa Barbara, and enjoy the coastline back to LA.


Eat at Husk while you’re in Charleston! It’s delicious. Get dessert at Poogan’s Porch and try sushi at O-Ku. I did 3 semesters at CofC, and that city never gets old. Go for a run along the battery, too!


I have lived in both SF and LA, and they are both great cities! I very highly recommend driving along the coast on Pacific Coast Highway from one city to the next. It is absolutely beautiful with some great stops along the way, including Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Hearst Castle, San Luis Obispo…While you are in LA you can even take a trip over to Catalina Island! My boyfriend and I are heading over there for the weekend to celebrate Valentines!

xo, Taylor


I really hope you make it to Bermuda this year! With America’s Cup this year, it’s the best time to go. I’m a local away at school, but if you need any recommendations for the best little spots on the island, feel free to ask! It’s a beautiful little island and I’m so blessed to call it home.


Hi Carly! France is so beautiful but, if you are thinking of coming to Europe, maybe you would like to visit Spain!


I’m headed to Amsterdam over spring break and I am so excited! I also highly recommend Paris, I was there for a trip last year and will be returning in the fall to study abroad! It’s such a beautiful city.


I just got back yesterday (Tuesday) for a week in Paris for my 30th birthday. We flew Iceland Air and found an affordable Airbnb in the Marais to keep those costs down, then splurged on souvenirs, museums, and a day trip to Mont Saint Michel. It was the BEST week ever!! So far I also have a week in NC to visit family and a few days in New Orleans for a book/author convention with girl friends planned.
Happy travel planning to you.


I’m also planning out weekend trips and it’s so exciting! Why not through Europe, though? Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, everywhere in France, Switzerland and Croatia. With that dream job and dream schedule right now is the best time!! Of course Paris is a start. I was there last summer and it was SO hot. Autumn is definitely the best time to go. Nevertheless, Paris was beautiful but honestly I expected a little bit more. Maybe there’s too much fuss about Paris and she being the city of light and of love and of a thousand things. Anyways I want to encourage you to travel alone or with your bestie. It’s the best experience out there and you’ll learn so much about yourself and develop so much. Go for it!! Wishing you lots of luck and success for this year!