8 Mexican-Inspired Recipes To Cook This Week

I love Mexican food. Recently I’ve been craving it too. I normally request to go out to a restaurant or order delivery for tacos, but I could just as easily satisfy my craving at home. I think I’m going to have to put those mushroom fajitas at the top of my list! Yum!

8 Mexican-Inspired Recipes To Cook This Week

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

There are so many delicious Mexican restaurants in Toronto and recently I’ve been enjoying them a little too often. My friends and I have definitely been on a bit of a Mexican food streak—I live pretty close to a ton of really great Mexican restaurants. This has definitely inspired me to cook more Mexican-inspired dishes at home, so I’ve rounded up eight of my favorite recipes if you’re like me and love all things Mexican-inspired!

1. Chicken Black Bean Enchiladas
These enchiladas have become one of my go-to recipes when I’m having friends over (it makes a ton!). While you can definitely make your own enchilada sauce at home, honestly, I just buy it at the grocery store to keep things simple.

2. Quick breakfast quesadillas
I forgot how much I love breakfast quesadillas—you can add really anything you like, but these with black beans and eggs are my favorite.

3. Cheesy refried bean dip
There is just something about refried beans in a cheesy dip! If you’re having a few friends over, this will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

4. Vegetarian King Oyster Mushroom Fajitas
King oyster mushrooms are the perfect vegetarian substitution for chicken or beef in these fajitas.

5. Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Tacos
If you have a slow cooker, this is one of the simplest dishes you can cook and definitely one of the easiest ways to make a ton of taco filling.

6. Rice and Beans
This is a versatile recipe that can be both a simple side dish and a filling you can add to a burrito. Another burrito favorite is my cilantro lime rice recipe.

7. Basic Salsa
I used to make this basic salsa recipe all of the time in the summer. A big bowl of chips with homemade salsa and some sangria? Sign me up.

8. Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup
Another slow cooker favorite! This vegetarian soup is one of my most popular recipes—and for good reason.

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Slow cooker shredded chicken is one of my favorites for tacos, sliders, etc.–especially when entertaining. So easy and SO good!


I love making Mexican food at home! It feel shear their, since I know how much oil and salt is in the food. I can’t wait to make some of y,our recipes, especially the oyster mushroom fajitas! They’ll be perfect for my next low key Friday night. xAllie


When I was living in the city most recently, we lived super close to the Museo del Barrio, which had an AMAZING cafe. I’m definitely missing their fantastic food, and look forward to trying out some of Louisa’s recipes!