Beauty Tips for ALLERGY FACE®

I am partnering with ZYRTEC® this spring and our first activation was a panel with beauty tips for combatting ALLERGY FACE®. When I first learned that ZYRTEC® coined the term “ALLERGY FACE®,” I couldn’t stop nodding.

Watery eyes? Unfortunately. Puffiness? Ugh, yes! Redness? Call me Rudolph.

Allergy Face

While ZYRTEC® helps relieve pesky allergy symptoms like sneezing and runny noses to make you feel your best, there are also a few helpful beauty tips to help you look your best this spring.

My dad and sister have been longtime allergy sufferers. They both have extensive environmental allergies; you name it, it probably affects one or both of them. It wasn’t until I moved up north as an adult, though, that I understood how miserable allergies could make you feel. There’s something up here not in Florida that gets me every single spring. (Maybe it’s also a combination of bad karma for rolling my eyes at my dad and sister so much… whoops!) 

The two symptoms I experience the most are watery eyes and sneezing. My eyes are sensitive to begin with and allergies exacerbate it. My eyes will be so red and watery to the point where people are convinced I’m upset and crying. Not my best look. And the sneezing, beyond just being annoying (for me and everyone around me), ends up leaving me with quite the red nose.

Zyrtec Allergy FaceSo even though I was on the panel as one of the experts, I personally walked away with a bunch of great beauty tips. Jamie Greenberg was the moderator and I a) wanted to be her best friend and b) wish I had whipped out a notebook to take notes. She’s a celebrity makeup artist, mom, and a hilarious woman. I was seated between Alex Thomas, a trained cosmetologist and Youtuber and Jordana Brewster, an actor you might recognize from Fast & Furious. Create & Cultivate founder Jaclyn Johnson also joined us! It was such a fun group and everyone had unique perspectives to share.

Beauty Tips for Allergy Face

Here are the tips I found to be the most helpful from the panel in order to combat ALLERGY FACE®:

– Waterproof mascara is the way to go if you suffer from watery eyes. You can just do the waterproof mascara instead of your regular choice. But if you still want to use your regular mascara, you can actually apply the waterproof over it to seal it in.

– To make your eyes look a little more awake, Jamie suggested applying individual false eyelashes (versus a full set) to the outer corner of your eye. It’s a little bit of work, but the results speak for themselves! Alex also mentioned magnetic false eyelashes (this was news to me!) if you want to skip the glue altogether.

– My tips were to look for products with SPF to wear over your everyday sunscreen. No need to contribute to redness by damaging your skin from the sun. I also shared my favorite warm weather beauty product: tinted moisturizer! It’s just enough to even out your skin tone and give you a little glow.

– If you are experiencing redness around your nose (hi 🙋🏻‍♀️!), you can use a touch of green concealer under your regular foundation. The green color corrects redness.

– When in doubt, add a bright and bold lip! Jamie noted that a bold lip will give you confidence and help distract from imperfections from allergies!

Carly Heitlinger

Below is a quick video I filmed to demonstrate some of the beauty tips I learned from everyone on the panel.

Thank you ZYRTEC® for sponsoring this post!

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You look so beautiful in that dress! I also suffer from allergies and often don’t even want to get out of bed: there’s nothing pretty about a runny nose and a puffy face. These tips are amazing and I’m gonna try them out before succumbing to my miseries, though.

Camila |


So funny! My dad and little sister always had the WORST allergies and I never had a problem…until I moved away when I went to college. Ever since I feel their pain. Cool partnership <3


Hi Carly,

Thanks for the great tips. I recently moved into a house with carpets. The dust mites are driving my allergies crazy!! I actually get eczema on my face due to the allergies. I’m struggling with putting on makeup because my skin is already really irritated, also the dry skin does not make for a smooth application.

Do you have any tips that might help?