9 Recipes to Try This Spring

Is anyone else excited about cooking with fresher fruits and vegetables now that it’s spring? I can’t wait to find a local farmer’s market to pick up fresh ingredients for meals. Louisa’s recipes this week has my mouth watering– especially all the asparagus!


9 Recipes to Try This Spring

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou

I feel like spring has finally arrived in Toronto. It’s still light at 8 pm, the weather is warmish (light jackets only) and everyone seems to have an extra spring in their step (no pun intended). I find that I have so much more inspiration in the spring than I do in the winter, especially after basically living in darkness for months—it’s dark when I leave the house, and often dark when I’m leaving the office.

Recently I’ve been eating all the asparagus and was inspired to write this roundup of spring recipes because I’m pretty much obsessed with everything spring right now. So, here is what you should be cooking right now!

1. Light Asparagus soup

This is the perfect soup for spring! I worked on this forever to try and get an intense asparagus flavor, and I finally cracked the code.

2. Three bean salad with asparagus and coconut dressing

Vegan, healthy, and spring-filled with beans and asparagus, need I say more?

3. Macerated strawberries

You guys, there is no better way to eat strawberries. Also if you tell people about this dish, they will think you’re very impressive without realizing that it takes five minutes and zero cooking skills.

4. Asparagus and egg tart with smoked salmon

This recipe is one of my most popular, and it makes so much sense because this dish is gorgeous.

5. Crepes with raspberry sauce

I developed this recipe for a demo I was doing at Williams Sonoma in Toronto; this is a basic sweet crepe recipe with a tangy and sweet raspberry sauce. Everyone loved them!

6. Asparagus and white bean pesto pasta

I wasn’t kidding when I said that all I’ve been eating is asparagus! This quick vegetarian pasta is a favorite to bring for lunch throughout the week.

7. Potato salad with asparagus

This is one of those recipes for the end of spring—perfect to bring to a barbecue or for a potluck!

8. Strawberry rhubarb crisp

Strubarb and I so lovely call the ultimate combination of tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries. I think that it’s a requirement to be obsessed with rhubarb if you’re a foodie.

9. Brown buttered snow peas

A couple of years ago, brown butter was all the rage. While this trend has kind of died, there is a reason it was so trendy—brown butter is capital-g Good.

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Sooo many good ones on here! I’ve also been obsessed with cooking with lots of fruit and veg now that it’s warmer! I’m definitely going to have to give all those asparagus recipes a shot!

xo, Sofia

Southern & Style

The strawberry rhubarb crisp sounds amazing. We have friends with a strawberry farm…I’m going to have to run down and pick some up so I can make this stat!

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style