Kate Spade Convertible Bag

As much as I love a super fun and quirky bag, there is something so right about having one go-to bag. The classic bag that you know you can count on to be a staple in your closet. I’m partnering with kate spade new york to feature their ridiculously smart convertible handbags. With these clever features, you can turn your classic bag into one that has some extra personality… and then back again.

So for this post, it looks like I have three different bags… but it’s one with a couple of accessories. In the personalization shop, you’ll find everything you need to make a bag really yours. Start with the bag and a cover, or two. Swap in a different strap. And add a charm and/or a sticker!

Kate Spade Three Bags in One

Kate Spade Convertible Bag Cover

First up, the “bare” Candace handbag. I’m a sucker for a plain black bag, and this one is the perfect size for play and work. (I judge a bag on whether or not it can hold a book and this one fits more than one, plus my usual items.) It comes with a simple black strap, but I popped it off to carry the bag by the handles and added the absolute cutest orange charm. It reminds me so much of Florida!

Kate Spade Bag Charm

Kate Spade Orange Charm

The bag, which is great on its own, is made even better when you pair it with one of the convertible covers. The handles of the bag pop off, then you slide the cover on, and clip the handles back on seamlessly. In the photos below, I put on this striped cover, which also reverses to a great red.

Kate Spade Swing Shirtdress

I just loved the coordination with the strap and the stripes.

Kate Spade Convertible Bag


Kate Spade Candace Kate Spade Bag Cover

Isn’t that red just stunning? It’s just the reverse of the stripe, so it really does feel like you have multiple bags in one!   Kate Spade Convertible Wrap

Candace Handbag (c/o) // Striped Bag Cover (c/o) // Strap and Tassel Pack (c/o) // Raffia Orange Charm (c/o) // Swing Shirtdress (c/o) // Bow Espadrilles (c/o)

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography

Thank you kate spade new york for sponsoring this post!

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Convertible purses are nothing new, but this KS one is actually beautiful! I remember infomercials from back in the day about changing purses and thinking who unstylish they were. This is the exact opposite, I’d happily wear this to work and play! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

Kelly B.

This is so fascinating, it’s very curious to see the Kate Spade brand moving in this convertible style direction. I will say, it’s totally something I would love because I always get marks and dirt on the fronts of my bags and it would be great to cover that up and help the longevity of the bag!