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In light of everything going on, I toyed with the idea of dropping weekend posts. I’m going to keep them… for now, but I imagine a few posts here and there will be a little “fluffier” than normal. I’m taking things one day at a time in terms of content to keep things as fresh as possible. (And I watched a few Youtube vlogs that people put out that were filmed three days before and realized not only how stale the content can seem but how “wrong” it was because things are changing so dramatically and fast.)

With that said, if you need a good distraction, I have a book and series to recommend. It’s Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. And Reese Witherspoon adapted it for a TV series on Hulu, with the first three episodes already available for viewing. I read the book a few years ago and loved it (and even loved Ng’s Everything I Never Told You more).

Celeste Ng is such a great writer– she weaves together beautiful stories about mothers and daughters. I would definitely read the book first, but if you’re not much of a reader and/or never plan on reading the book then dive right into the series.

I have had the hardest time concentrating lately on anything, including TV shows and movies. (Which is saying something because it already requires so little!) I put Little Fires on my laptop while I needlepointed in bed one night and found myself fully engrossed for the entirety of the episode.

Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon play the main characters and it’s set in the late 90s in Shaker Heights in Ohio (where Celeste Ng grew up!). The references about the 90s alone make the show worth watching. Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon are also great in their roles, but I think they did an exceptional job casting the kids. THEY ARE SO GOOD.

I’m glad they’re doing new episodes every week instead of releasing the whole thing at once. I need something to look forward to 😉.

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I’ve only seen the first episode of this show so far, but it’s really good! I liked the book a lot so I’m happy to see that they’re doing a quality adaptation of it. And I agree that the roles for the kids are really well cast. I love Moody! He’s adorable.


I love a little fluff these days. 🙂
I am so excited to dive into this series. I loved the book, and trust Reese Witherspoon to do right by it on screen. Little Fires and needlepoint may be my big plan for Sunday!
Thank you and stay well!


I read Everything I never Told You first and liked it but I loved Little Fires Everywhere-one of my favorites! Excited for this series!


I am finding the Elena character so similar to Reese’s character in Big Little Lies!


I read the book this past summer and really enjoyed it! For those who cant commit to a book at the moment, friends of mine also enjoyed the audiobook of little fires everywhere! I defiantly recommend either!


Someone sent me a link to TV news bloopers on you tube. It was 30 minutes of laughter to the point you had tears in your eyes. I am going to add this every day just so I can laugh. It felt so good to laugh. Carly I love your posts!


Great recommendation! Little Fires Everywhere is a phenomenal book, and the series is off to a fantastic start!

yancey williams

Carly, I know you’re having trouble coming up with content, at the moment, but, may I say, yours is the soothing voice we need right now. Please keep chatting with us, we think of you as a friend.


Agree with this so much! Please keep writing through this very weird time. I cherish reading your blog every morning as respite from the news <3

Lorraine Barnes

You have such a real voice about our American life and I have enjoyed reading your posts. It is an escape, but I have come to like you as a person. The other commenter said you are like a friend – I agree!


I just got the book for my Kindle so I can read before watching! The book got such great reviews I am surprised I haven’t picked it up yet.


If it has Reese & Kerry in it-you know it’s going to be killer, I can’t wait to start watching!


Ok, off topic, but I was scrolling down the page and just noticed little sleepy Teddy in the background of the cover photo and my heart melted. Such a sweet boy ❤️. Be well!