Cozy (Spend Responsibly)

As you know, I do product round ups every other Saturday. This is going to be a two-fold post. Maybe actually three-fold. I want to preface this by saying I’m sure I’m not going to say this perfectly. I’m trying my best but I’m also operating with a little

1) We need to spend responsibly. Unless you’ve been completely avoiding the news, you know that the country (and the world) will be facing extreme economic hardship. The effect of COVID-19 is going to touch everyone in some way. I already have personally felt a hit with my business. I have watched the main street of our town shutter to a close. I have friends who can’t make payroll for their businesses. I have friends who have been laid off. It’s going to reshape the entire country for a long time if not for ever. Think carefully with how you’re spending both in terms of your income and savings and also to avoid falling into the trap of shopping as a therapeutic release.

2) With that said, I think it’s still important to spend money, just more responsibly. Guys, this is coming from a super saver– you know I’ve been a huge, huge advocate of personal finances and living within your means.  IF YOU ARE IN A FINANCIAL POSITION TO DO SO, it’s important to keep money in the economy. It’s more than having a new pair of yoga pants– it can help companies keep their lights on, payroll paid, and operations running. I get that shopping isn’t exactly saving the world, but fashion is a huge, huge industry and employs a lot of people. Shop locally. Buy gift certificates/restaurants for stores that have to shut their doors. Pay the people under your wing if you can even if you can’t use their services (trainers, housekeepers, nannies, employees, hair stylists). Donate money to local charities who are providing much-needed services like meals and medical care.

(And I want to make it clear that I am going to be fine financially if I don’t make another penny from my blog for a while, so I’m not begging for clicks to make sales. If you feel inclined, thank you but I want to be clear that that’s not what I’m going at here.)

3) Consider the next few months when making purchases. I keep thinking about things I would ~normally~ have purchased around this time: bathing suits! shorts! cute dresses! And right now I’m just not sure where I’m going to be wearing any of that… or when the next time I will. For now, I’m focusing my own personal spending on things I know are in my future. I invested in some home weight equipment. I’m going to buy a pair of my favorite pajamas (a small business owned by women!). I’ll take advantage of the massive sales right now for skincare products I know and love. Plus lots of takeout to help our local restaurants and servers who are really hurting right now.

Additionally, I’ve been so curious how this will affect the influencer market as both a consumer of social media and a creator myself. There’s a fine line right now of appropriate consumption. On one hand, people are losing their jobs because sales have come to a screeching halt and stores have been closed for who knows how long. On the other hand, watching a “try on haul” of spring clothes– to wear…. in your house?– seems weird. I’ll do my best and know that if I make a mistake or misstep I’ll do my best to course correct. Just please know I’m trying. This is a whole new landscape and I’m trying to take in a lot of factors before I do anything.

(Did I mention I’m highly anxious about the whole thing so I know I’m not thinking completely clearly. I almost feel like I need to proactively apologize. Sorry, I’m trying!)

So what else am I thinking about right now? COZIES. Partly because we are home for the long haul and partly because it really is comforting. When things are uncertain, it does feel good to put on something super cozy and comfortable. Focusing today’s round up on that.

PINK JOGGERS // MOONLIGHT JAMMIES (five colors, under $50) // RENEW SWEATSHIRT (under $50)




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Carly, you are doing a great job…thanks for continually being a ray of light.
Also…the dogs helping out with the yoga? Priceless. Teddy executed a perfect downward dog on one of the IG stories.


Hey Carly! So glad you framed this post in the way that you did. Do you think that there’s a reason to not online shop because we may overwhelm the postal service in any way? Just a thought, not sure myself?


I’ve thought about this myself (also why I’m trying to spend responsibly and not go crazy). But at least here ALL STORES are shut down so purchasing online/over the phone and having things shipped/delivered are the only option. Ultimately not sure if there is a “right” answer


I really appreciate the approach you’re taking right now, Carly!

I’ve thought a lot about this too! One small thing I’ve done is to choose the slowest shipping option available when I don’t urgently need an item. Also – trying to purchase from smaller retailers/small business rather than huge companies to help keep folks afloat during this time.


I think it’s fair to say that none of us really know what we’re doing but this is a good post! It really is important to keep the economy going where we can and not let it just stop. I’d like to add that we can also buy things for other people who may need them if we’re able, and take a look around your town – what would you really miss if it went under? Support those businesses!


Carly, you’re doing a wonderful job. I look forward to reading your blog every morning now more than ever. Thank you.

Stay safe and well x


You’re doing a great job ❤️❤️ I love coming here for your semi-regular content knowing that you also continue to address the elephant in the room and post everything within context. Thank you!


Agree! I feel the same. It’s a good blend of normal while being aware of the times.


Your post is thoughtful, honest and touched on some points that I had been mulling over. We can all try to make good decisions and take it one day at a time. This is new to us all. Stay safe!


Love everything about this post, especially your insight about spending and saving responsibly and how earnest your seem.

Also – Calvin Klein makes a very similar bra to the True & Co. one that I swear by!


Thank you so much for this post! It’s such a good reminder to everyone to be responsible with your money, especially in uncertain times like these. I really appreciate the reminder to spend responsibly but also to *spend* if you can in order to help others. I think the way you said it was done very well. I’ve definitely been leaning more towards cozy things too like big comfy sweaters. Thanks!

Megan Joseph

Thanks Carly. I appreciate the post. It puts things into perspective and addresses key issues. Plus – it IS still nice to do some browsing for PJS :). It’s a little fun thing to help take peoples mind off of things. You are doing great!


I really like and appreciate this post a lot. As a stay at home mom you’d think I had lounge wear in place but nope! That’s what I get for making a point to get dressed everyday. I ordered the bra! Really like it a lot. I think posts like these really separate you from other bloggers because you’re not asking for likes, clicks, etc. You are able to post for real life, for life.


Thank you for addressing this! I see so many bloggers and others advertising all the sales and doing so much online shopping. While I understand it is part of your job, we need to be responsible and focus on buying essentials only to help the delivery workers and keep supply lines one to deliver only the essentials to families and health care workers right now. Thank you for bringing attention to this. While I’m also tempted by the sales, I feel guilty buying clothing or makeup when the future is so uncertain and the economy is going to be in a recession for a long time. Not trying to preach, just saying to think before you buy during this scary and uncertain time. Keep up with the sensible and responsible posting!


I love True & Co bras, especially this one. I also found some options from them at my local Target recently, saving even more money and I like those options just as much. Thanks for highlighting these bras. The support they provide with no underwire is amazing!


I appreciate your approach. I am trying to shop locally. I bought goodies for my daughter’s first Easter basket (trip to CA to see grandparents likely canceled) from a cute little boutique near my house via e-mail and curbside pick up.


Of all the influencers I follow you are doing the best. I feel so many of them are pushing us to spend spend spend. In these uncertain times, it’s hard to know what to do. Your blog is one I follow every day.


Like others, I really appreciate this post. I’m trying to save up my money to purchase items once stores reopen because I think brick and mortar retail is going to be really hurt by this and it was already hurting before. I also love that you made a post dedicated to pajamas and other cozy items because I think that’s everyone’s uniform right now. If you’ve never tried pajamas from the Gap, they are SO cozy. I highly recommend anything they make with modal. I love PJ Salvage and Ugg as well, which you’ve already included here 🙂 Keep the posts coming! They’re a welcome break from reading the news.


I like this post bc although I am still currently employed, I don’t feel comfortable spending right now. I could use another pair of joggers, but that’s it!!


You’re doing an absolute wonderful job with this whole situation. Love reading your posts, and I know it can feel weird to be posting things to buy at a time like this. I think it’s still important to shop during this time, but to also be cautious of the financial situation now and what may be in the following months.

Molly Martin

I think you were pretty perfect in your thoughts! I would love to help the economy by purchasing more work from home clothing. (I think many others would love the same thing!) I don’t get much done with when I wear pajamas 😂. Do you have any ideas?


Love this post! I’m an ICU nurse working with a lot of COVID patients but I do consider myself lucky that I have job security. Since shopping is therapeutic for me I’ve been trying to spend money to support small businesses while also keeping my spirits up.


You mentioned your favorite pjs are from a small business owner, are they linked above? Are we able to support them online?

Thank you!!


Yes! Sorry about that, they’re the Lake Pajamas (the blue & white striped in the post)

Grace K.

I so appreciate this post, Carly! My husband and I were talking about how this is and will be one of the strangest times where it will be as important to put money back into the economy as donating to nonprofits will be… I’m sure there will be a few judgmental comments from trolls (as they never seem to go away), but you have nothing but full support from my corner! We are all just trying to figure out how to navigate this current reality, and content creators are no exception.