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You know you’re an adult when upgrading kitchen appliances gives you the biggest thrill! Personally, I find going into a Bed Bath & Beyond store akin to a kid being let loose in a toy store. (Except better because I have my own disposable income and don’t have to rely on begging my parents 😉.) Bed Bath & Beyond is a go-to destination for all things home– whether you’re heading off to college, outfitting your first apartment, or registering for your wedding.

You might remember that I purchased an espresso maker a birthday present to myself a few years back. It turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made– and I’ve since gifted one to my parents and my sister. When everything shut down in 2020, my little espresso maker brought me so much joy. It was a little thing, but being able to enjoy a cafe-like drink at home when we couldn’t go to actual cafes made every afternoon special. (Mike and I spent time experimenting with different types of espresso-based drinks, many made up from our own imaginations and preferences!)

My only regret was that I didn’t just splurge on a fancier model from the get-go. Had I known how much we’d love having an espresso maker in our house, I would have. Bed Bath & Beyond asked to work on a post together and I thought the timing was right to make the upgrade!! (And my in-laws are moving into a new house this summer so we’re going to pass along the Bambino to them!)

I decided to go with the Breville Barista Touch Express.

Some of the features I was most excited about:

– 8 drink menu knows and tells you exactly how to make your favorite café drink

– Personalize your drink, name it, and the espresso maker remembers

– Automatic grinding and dosing of coffee into the portafilter

Having a touch screen that walks you through the exact proportions of your favorite espresso drinks is so great. And the best part, for us, is that we programmed our favorite made-up drinks into the machine as well. Kind of fun to have a “CARLY” drink programmed into the machine.

Cannot wait to keep making our favorite espresso drinks all summer long!

Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring this post.

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Christine S.

My husband and I got the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine (a similar model) off our wedding registry and love it!