After traveling so much and feeling out of a routine, this week was a welcome change. I decided to get in the car with Jack extra early on Monday. It sounds lame, but I was just ready to get home and get started on our laundry 🤣 The pond club we belong to had their opening weekend, so we went for a quick trip before the afternoon nap window. Between that and the weekend down the shore, we had such a wonderful taste of summer. We are READY!!!

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // LAKE Pajamas New Arrivals

Ummm… LAKE just released their summer collection of pajamas and, of course, it’s perfection. Love the red, white, and blue stripes. Love the little navy mini dress. Love the little stripes for baby. I’m bummed it’s sold out of Jack’s size, otherwise I would have scooped it up in a heartbeat. I wasn’t fast enough!

TWO // Four Story Bookstore Coming to Beacon Hill

Boston friends! Have you heard the news that you’re getting a four story bookstore in Beacon Hill?!? Color me jealous. (This is also my dream….) Can’t wait to visit the next time I find myself in Boston.

THREE // Minnow Swim Summer Collection

Another summer collection you can’t miss… Minnow Swim! Inspired by summers on the cape, this collection is also filled with dusty reds, light blues, and navy. I’m particularly obsessed with the star print. Such a cute, cute design.

FOUR // Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey Documentary

Ummm, Netflix is launching a documentary about Warren Jeffs and the secretive polygamous sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It’s such a disturbing story– the documentary seems very well-done and I’m interested to see what else they uncover.

FIVE // Margaux Woven Flats

Margaux is one of my favorite brand of shoes. They make crazy comfortable flats and I have quite the collection. I am so close to getting a pair of the new “wovens” style. I’m torn between the ballet flat in saddle or the mule in black…. Both would be so versatile for summer!

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Amazon Prime and Peacock both have documentaries on Warren Jeffs as well.

Swapna King

I have been looking for a pretty caftan. Thanks for the LAKE idea! Also, did Margaux have a sandal in a pretty blue last year? I like the denim, but hoping I can find the blue. May have been a suede. I am fascinated with learning about religious sects, cults, and their leaders. I love listening to Kate Casey’s podcast when she talks about docuseries, like you have suggested and interviews victims or directors.

Courtney Jenney

I cannot wait for the bookstore here in Beacon Hill! Carly, you have to plan a little Boston visit – we’d love to have you up here! 🙂 Maybe a book signing?!