A Day at the Dog Park

It’s official: I’ve become a dog person. Not just a girl who happens to be head over heels for her puppy, but a full-fledged dog person. This is coming from someone who, for about seventeen years of her life, was absolutely terrified of dogs. (My best friend growing up had a golden retriever and they’d have to put him in the backyard if I came over.)
Never would I have ever thought that I’d ever voluntarily go to a dog park… or that I would (gasp!) enjoy it.
Teddy wasn’t cleared to go on the ground in the city until the beginning of January and the weather has been so cold that we only walk, mostly so that I can bundle up and keep moving so I don’t freeze. But today, the weather was perfect. If it’s any indication to the type of spring we’re going to have, I’m into it.
Everyone had told me that Carl Schurz had a perfect dog run for small dogs and I’ve been dying to take Teddy. He loved it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this pup so happy. We got there at about 9:30 in the morning and literally didn’t leave until almost 1. Tons of dogs to play with, tons of people to get extra snuggles from. I really had so much to do, but I was having so much fun watching that I just couldn’t leave!
This is Violet… not my dog, but it didn’t stop her from leaping into my lap and staying there for a while. My heart was just melting.
Which one is Teddy?!
Mackenzie came and brought Rory too! Matching coats, matching dogs. (Teddy is a toy poodle, Rory is a cockapoo, and we’re both wearing the J. Crew Cocoon coat in navy.)
Oh, it was quite a fun day.
PS My outfit details: Glasses // Monogrammed Necklace // Sweatshirt (on sale!) // Jeans // Ballet Flats // Coat
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I saw some of these posts on Instagram earlier, and oh my gosh they are just so adorable! I may be on the other side of the Atlantic but today was a gorgeous day in most of the UK too and everyone was out in the park walking dogs and riding bikes, I hope it stays like that!
Charlotte x
La Vie en Gâteaux