Valentine’s Day Bar Cart

I was so excited to team up with Roxy from Society Social as part of a new series on her blog. We first started brainstorming ideas because I didn’t know what I would use a bar cart for. I love bar carts and think they’re super cute and such a fun trend for apartments… but I don’t really drink. I don’t keep alcohol in my apartment. (Actually, I had a bottle of champagne from a Kate Spade party in my apartment and it was perfect for NYE since I hadn’t thought to actually get anything beforehand.)
I’ve been on the fence about getting a bar cart, but Roxy convinced me that they don’t need alcohol. And, wouldn’t you know, she’s right!!! It’s the perfect little addition to my apartment. We decided that putting together a girlfriends’ Valentine’s Day party (with a decorated cart) would be perfect. I had so much fun planning it.
To keep things real, I had a Week the week we were planning on shooting it. (A Week where everything was going on… and everything was going wrong, so I was #stressed.) I didn’t get a chance to go shopping for the shoot until the night before. A couple of my ideas fell to the wayside considering I simply hadn’t given myself enough time. Then I dealt with a personal problem that night and there were hours of tears (hence why my face is not included in any of the pictures), which meant I was up all night getting my apartment cleaned and the bar cart decked out. Twoish hours of sleep and I was back out to finish getting a few more things.
But it all came together.
And I love how it ended up. Hope you love it too!!! It really got me in the mood for February and Valentine’s Day! (And I have been craving doughnuts ever since…)

Don’t let those puppy dog eyes fool you. He looks like he was used as a prop/ploy, but he really just didn’t want to be left out. We tried keeping him in my bedroom, but the little guy wouldn’t have it! Although, I must admit, he does add a certain charm to the photos, no?

FEATURING: Hayworth Bar Cart (c/o Society Social)
Cake Stand: Fishs Eddy
Cake Pops: Shipped with love from Meesh!
Doughnuts: Dunkin’ Donuts (honestly, try to beat the pink frosted doughnuts from DD… you just can’t.)

Nesting Boxes: Kate Spade x Lifeguard Press (c/o)
Coffee Sign: Rue La La
Rug, Striped Pillows, and Couch: Gilt
Polka Dot Pillows: Whitlock & Co

J. Crew Dress (old, but here’s the skirt!), Target tights (old), Kate Spade heels (old, but similar!)

PS Humongous thanks to Roxy and Lawrence, her amazing brother, who took the photos!
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Julia Jean Kennedy

Bright and fun, but not clashy! Diggin that couch. But the bar cart is fantastic – I was actually wondering what I could do with a bar cart if I don't have alcohol to put on it! Super trendy ideas.


Oh I love it! I love bar carts in general, but haven't even really considered purchasing one as my booze consumption is pretty limited. Doughnuts, however, that is far from limited 🙂

Kira T.

I love everything about this post: the photography, the bar cart with the sweet treats and your outfit!


Jackie {York Avenue}

This is the cutest shoot! I love the couch and the bar cart, and it's adorable that you guys were able to use it for a different purpose. Love your outfit too. And Teddy fits in perfectly, he's too cute.


Where are the plates from? They look like paper the way they are stacked on the right, but I've never seen ones with gold trim!


This cart is so cute!! You did a great job. sometimes the best things get pulled together at the last minute. And the little dog in the pictures makes it so cute 🙂 My cat would've done the same thing. she cannot stand not being in the middle of everything! haha