A Getaway…

Every February I get sick. I know this because in high school the chorus had our favorite performance show in February and I would always be congested and sick for the rehearsals praying it would go away before the show. Well February is here (almost gone! but still here) and I am, naturally, sick. I actually thought I was going to sneak through the month without getting that stuffiness. I was feeling a little iffy on Valentine’s Day and it was a gradual and slow decline of my health from there. Flying back from Florida was miserable with the pressure! 
I’m definitely on the mend, but still not 100%.
Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t breathe fully through my nose or the thin layer of tricky ice covering the sidewalks, but I’ve been dreaming of getting out of town. There are definitely trips I want to put on my bucket list (Paris is still there, of course, and Alaska has been recently added!), but I’ve been dreaming of just having a place to escape to for a whole month this summer.
It should be noted: This is totally just for fun! While it’d be amazing, we couldn’t actually swing it. (Plus, confession: I looked into it and a lot of rentals don’t allow dogs…)
A charming Nantucket cottage (available through HomeAway)
A lakefront cottage in Upstate New York (available with HomeAway)
A nautical cottage on the Cape (available with HomeAway)
A sweet little Newport cottage (available with HomeAway)

If you could live somewhere and escape for a month… where would you go?

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Brendy Beauty

Somewhere near water definitely! A cute lake or beach house. It's awful too because taking a whole month off from work life seems completely not doable. Frizzles!

Lauren Elizabeth

My parents live 10 minutes from the beach in Rhode Island…only about 20 minutes from Newport. I can't wait to crash at their place for a couple weeks this summer and enjoy some beach time!