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This has been a bit of a low-key but still crazy week. We’re heading to Ireland next Thursday (omg!!!) so we’re kind of in full-blown get ready mode. It’s also been such an enjoyable past few days with temperatures well over eighty degrees. 
Actually I think the dogs have enjoyed it the most. They’re both getting summer cuts today and I’m sure they will be ready to go for hours of fetch.
ONE // DCOM Marathon
Half of you are probably too young to have seen these classics when they came out, but I know half of you are going to be pumped about this. Disney Channel is doing a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) marathon all. weekend. long. This is not a drill. Here’s the full lineup.
Remember the days when they had a new one every month? My parents had “date night” every Saturday which meant my sister and I had a babysitter. The Saturday nights with new DCOMs were the BEST! At one point there was a contest to appear in a one (Rip Girls, obviously) and I was one of the second place winners. Instead of winning a cameo, I got every single Radio Disney CD that ever existed, haha!

I try not to Uber a lot (at least in NYC), but when I was in Chicago I had an amazing experience with every single one I took. But I found this NPR piece fascinating on how Uber is so successful and how our brains behave the way they behave with the app!

THREE // Leather Scalloped Clutch

How gorgeous is this scalloped clutch? It’s such a great piece to have on hand (pun intended) this summer.

FOUR // A League of Their Own (Rowing)

This video made its rounds of the rowing social media community. I love when he says, “I thought it would be easier than it was.” One of the best parts of rowing is that when you’re rowing well, it should look easy. That almost always means that people think it is easy though and it’s definitely not!

FIVE // MK&A Open The Row in NYC

Mary Kate and Ashley’s fashion line The Row is opening its doors in NYC. I want to go so bad! Located on the Upper East Side, it’s supposed to feel like an intimate, home-y shopping experience. It looks like an experience, to say the least.

Hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend!

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Meaghan Dunn

I love your navy pullover too! Would you mind sharing where you got it? It looks like a great fall transitional piece.



On My Radar

I have been having the best week down here in Florida. Teddy is too. It’s always wonderful to be able to spend time with my family! We always end up having the best time. I say this every time, but I’m always so grateful every time I get down here and the four of us can be together. I truly cherish these days and never want to take having this incredible family for granted.
Here’s what has been on my radar this week:
Can we talk about dream house?! has all these galleries of her houses and I am obsessed. The properties are stunning! She shares a little bit about the background of how the houses have changed over time. (I just have one question: When can I move in?)
I’ve found the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing confusing this year. Apparently, it’s just a week with Thanksgiving sales. And it was kind of expected; everyone knows things will be on sale now. That said, this Tory Burch sale is the best deal I’ve seen I think. These riding boots are on sale already and then you can take an extra 30% off (+ free shipping/returns) with code “THANKS” at checkout. The boots end up being over 50% off!
Sophia Grace and Rosie are all grown up! (And as Ellen hilariously puts it, “Rosie talks now!”) The two girls hit the red carpet to interview celebs for the AMAs. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will!
For the first time ever, you can shop all of Oprah’s Favorite Things in ONE PLACE! It’s so convenient to be able to see all the faves in one place… she truly knows how to pick some gems! (Also exciting this year because my friend Emma made the list!!!!)
The whole time I watched this insane lip dub video from Broken Arrow High School, I just kept wondering how this was real. The video was produced in such high quality and it’s really kind of heart warming to see how the whole school came together. (It’s worth watching the whole thing even though it’s long– the end is awesome for HSM fans!)

Anything great on your radar this week?

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I have no words to say how spectacular that table presentation is!. If I could only have it look like that!. Thanks for the idea!

Check out my blog:



On My Radar

It’s hard to believe that I was in Mexico on Monday morning. This week was a complete whirlwind complete with travel, migraines, bad weather, and a lot of catching up.  I sadly had to miss a few things (including a yoga class… boo!) from my workload and the migraine situation. But there were some serious gems throughout the week:

First of all, I love traveling but I hate having to leave this little muffin behind. He absolutely adores the people he stays with so he gets extra special attention and TONS of doggy play time. (I doubt he misses me!) Coming home to him is the best feeling. I mean, look at that face!

Probably the coolest thing on my schedule this week was swinging by Martha Stewart headquarters to watch a demonstration of how to make jam. So. Amazing. Martha was exactly how I expected her to be, and then some. Learning how to make the jam was very interesting– I’ve always been curious about the process. However, it was hearing her stories that I found to be the coolest part! 
Right after meeting Martha Stewart, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet Rosanne Karmes, the founder of Sydney Evan (famous for creating the iconic “love” necklace). I’ve known about the brand since the very beginning because a boutique in Tampa carried it and it was really, really nice to meet Rosanne. I left the quick visit feeling inspired… and with a list of forty five things I wanted to purchase. 

I’m actually heading to Washington, DC today to speak at a conference held at Georgetown. I’ve been to DC twice (for two super short trips) since graduation, but I haven’t been on campus since. Should be interesting. Garrett is joining me and I can’t wait to show him around campus and take him to my favorite places.

On my radar for the week:

ONE // Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook

I know I already blogged about it yesterday, but I am just too excited to not share again (in case you missed it). I’m just obsessed. I promised myself when it was announced not to get overly excited just because I know it’s going to be crazy and probably sell out by 8am. Oh…. but then I saw everything in the lookbook and, well, I want everything. The little mugs, the candles, the bikinis, the pom pom shorts. Sheesh, I even want the hammock even though I have nowhere for it to go.

TWO // Photo Composition Tips Video

I love how this video features beautiful photography and practical tips. It’s great for photographers in training and Instagrammers alike.

THREE // How Netflix Creates Addicting and Binge-worthy TV

How does Netflix do it?! I was surprised at the answer. And truthfully, I had thought about it… a lot. I never considered the pressure a traditional show has to produce an entertaining show in the first episode. If you’ve ever found yourself obsessed with House of Cards or blowing through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in one week.

FOUR // Two Week Old Clouded Leopard 

This tiny little leopard is exactly as cute as you’d imagine him to be. I watched the video on repeat it. It is so stinking cute. I have bookmarked this little guy so I can revisit whenever I’m in a bad mood. Those squeaks and squeals!

FIVE // “I Have Cancer… And It Sucks”

My friend Deanna has been undergoing treatment for cancer. She used to write a column for Prep Talk way way way back in the early days. We’ve stayed in touch via social media since then. Deanna is, like, really funny and also really cool. She’s been documenting her treatment, emotions, and everything in between on Tumblr... and she recently penned an article for Cosmopolitan (where she’s a beauty editor) about having cancer when you’re 25.

What’s been on your radar this week?


PS You know the dress from this post? It sold out within three of hours of the post going live… nuts. I talked to Nordstrom and it looks like they’re not doing a reorder. BUT, I was in LOFT this week and saw this dress in person and think it’s a good alternative if you had your heart set on the one I wore. It’s absolutely adorable and the scalloped detail on the back 100% knocks it out of the park. 

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The pup looks extra cute in that photo! Also, I could not be more in love with the Target x Lily collection — I want everything! That article about Netflix was super interesting too. I would have to say that this week was pretty busy with school work for myself. However, I have been reading a few awesome books for school lately that I love: Brothers Karamazov and Ordinary Men. I would definitely recommend both even though they are way more on the heavy reading side of things they areamazing!

Annie N Belle

Allie G

Hi Carly,

I suffer from migraines as well. I actually finally figured out that one trigger for me is flying, as I kept getting them any time I went home on holiday breaks for school and for vacations anywhere. It is something about the change in air pressure that can cause it for many people the day after flying. It certainly isn't my only trigger, but it definitely can ruin a vacation when it's time to relax or make getting back to work when you return difficult.

I just went to DC this past Wednesday for a speaking engagement and was terrified that the migraine would make it next to impossible to speak at the press conference (I always get the migraine a day after flying and flew in the night before). My doctor recently prescribed me something new that doesn't cause rebound migraines. It is called Cambia and it is a soluble power that you drink on any empty stomach. I didn't have a migraine yet that morning but didn't want to develop one while running around on the Hill. I took it while getting ready in the morning and never got a single migraine or even something close to a headache. I highly recommend looking into Cambia. Of course some medicines work better for some than others, but it is worth a shot!

Emily L

Target for Lilly… argh I'm so excited! Debating whether to visit it in store, or to brave the online madness… I love how affordable it is! It's really offering Lilly for all (and all price points!)



On My Radar

February is the roughest month for me. I will certainly have to make a yearly trip to Florida because it does make the month go by faster. My first winter here, I assumed that on March 1 spring would be in full force. HA! No, it does not happen like that. February, although short, seems to drag on and on… and leads into March which is just as chilly and slushy. Yuck. What do I do best when I’m not into the weather? Go out and eat delicious food.
Luckily I had some fun things happening this week. One of the best was a cooking class at Miette Culinary Studio with CLIF. It was so much fun. The whole group split up into groups and went off to make the different parts of the meal. (I was with the lava cake group.) When everything was done, we sat down at a big family-style table and enjoyed what the fruits of our labor. I loved getting to learn more cooking techniques and to meet the CLIF team. They are all so nice and so fun.

Before… and after…

Garrett and I had a celebratory dinner at Pizza Beach Club… a new restaurant in our neighborhood. Oh, it’s good. Really, really good. We got the meatballs and split a margherita pizza. 

Last but not least, Jess and I have a long standing tradition of breakfast dates. The first time we hung out together was getting pumpkin pancakes one fall! It’s always fun to start the day extra early with good food and good company. 
This week I couldn’t narrow down the list to five, so it’s an extra long one!
One word: YES. I totally related to the line about achieving something and then feeling empty. I often feel like I’m just on a hamster wheel ticking off boxes of achievement and not feeling a thing. The tips at the end are a good start for combatting this.
Wha?! I remember the first digital camera I got, right before my trip to Italy in eighth grade. It had three megapixels and felt like the coolest thing in the world! Now TV shows are being filmed with devices that we all carry in our pockets? The future… is here. Love the behind the scenes of how its done.
THREE // Adult Things You Don’t Learn in College
I honestly thought this particular list was pretty lame, but I was just telling my mom how I wish I had learned more real life stuff in college. Not just acronyms and names, but like real how-to kind of stuff. (Looking into mortgages and I had NO idea what to do, where to start. I’ve figured it out now, but sheesh! I felt clueless when I started!!!)

FOUR // 15 Year Old Just Hired CEO for Her Business

This 15 year old started a nanny and babysitting service in NYC and has made $375,000 so far. The business is getting so big that she hired a CEO to step in and run the company. Talk about impressive.

FIVE // An Undocumented Immigrant Becomes a Star at Goldman Sachs

A long, interesting read.

SIX // What color is the dress?

Everyone is trying to figure it out. At first I saw white and gold. Then I saw black and blue for a tiny bit… and now I see white and gold. I get that it’s blue and black (I assume?), but WHY do I see it as WHITE?!

SEVEN // Best Instagram Caption

Mia Thermopolis for the win.

EIGHT // Fast Food Coffee Taste

I was laughing so hard at this. Garrett got me hooked on McDonald’s coffee. It’s $1 for any size and actually really good. (I love my Nespresso and a good dark roast at Starbucks, but for a lighter/sugary  coffee the McCafe can’t be beat… even by Dunkin!)

NINE // Pinterest Tips

I haven’t been using Pinterest as much lately. Whenever I sign in, I only see my pins and pins from boards I don’t even follow? I’m hoping the algorithm improves, but in the meantime, here are some interesting tips on how to make better content for Pinterest.

TEN // Kate Spade New Arrivals

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

The kids stuff is adorable, but I think the new arrivals right now take the cake– how cute is this dress?

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White Cabana

Ha ha…the coffee taste test video is hilarious. It's interesting how many tasted "watery"…seems like coffee needs the extras (milk, cream, sugar) for it to taste really good.
p.s. I'd take a closet full of the new Kate Spade collection! And I don't even wear colourful clothes!

chelsea b

I've been having the same issue with Pinterest. I changed the "Personalization" settings. Specifically turning off the two questions under this, "We sometimes show you Promoted Pins and recommendations based on your activity on Pinterest. Is it okay if we…" Now I'm seeing much more of boards I actually follow!

Champagne Star

I think the biggest adjustment about moving from the South to the North is realizing there is now Spring in the North, just more cold! Love you list of things on your radar! I'm finding that college does an extraordinary job of teaching you things that aren't practical for life after college. McDonald's coffee is actually pretty good, but most of the fast food restaurants where I live are pretty ghetto, so if you want somewhat decent service without a lot of attitude, you have to stick with pricier places like Starbucks.


Yum! Pizza Beach Club is only two blocks from my best friend! We'll have to check it out. Loved this post–more pictures of French toast please! (she said without sounding strange in the slightest?? lol)

Julia D.

I know this isn't a focus of the post at all, but I'm curious. A while back you mentioned you were vegetarian and didn't talk about it much further, I was just wondering, since you mentioned eating meat balls, whether you've transitioned back to eating meat.



On My Radar

What a fun week. It was truly a “summer in the city” kind of week with fun activities and high humidity. It’s hot, really hot, and I’m loving every second of it. Bring on the heat.
Speaking of heat, apartments in NYC turn into ovens during the summer. And maybe turning your actual oven on isn’t the best idea ever, but the Seamless habit has gotten way too out of hand. I decided that Garrett and I needed to back off of Seamless and cook more dinners ourselves. Please note, my oven used to scare me and while I’m still squeamish turning it on (expecting it to explode), it’s been great. Night one of cooking and the fire alarm only went off once (ha) and by day three, I was roasting vegetables by myself. This is what progress looks like!
AND, the major highlight of the week was going to a ballet in Lincoln Center! The Boston Ballet is in town for a week and I was invited to attend. Honestly, I was definitely excited (it’s on my 25 before 25 list!), but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I think I thought it would be snooty and boring. Instead, it was really super fun. The dancers and dancing and choreography were amazing and incredibly entertaining– everyone in the audience was laughing during the third dance! Going to the ballet wasn’t as intimidating as I assumed it would be and I can’t wait to go again.
My friend Grace from Stripes and Sequins launched a capsule collection with BaubleBar… and it’s really cute! The gold links and rope necklace is one of my favorite pieces of the collection and this statement ring is pretty much perfection! So excited for Grace!

JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

TWO // Inslee’s Impossible Story

We know Inslee is a talented artist, but who knew she was such a hilarious storyteller?! I was in stitches while reading her entries about this “Impossible Story.” Read the preface, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3. Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter!


I really want a big kitchen, but that’s definitely not possible on my budget in the city. (Honestly, the one above is still definitely not in the budget… but still.) How adorable is this small kitchen on One Kings Lane?! It’s a great inspiration for small spaces, high style without sacrificing storage and function.

FOUR // Inc’s 35 Under 35

These kinds of lists always give me an extra boost of inspiration for the day. I love the diversity of the industries included. Honestly, it’s probably the best one I’ve read yet! I recognized a lot of the brands (and was surprised to know the founders were so young!) and I was also introduced to a few new brands.

FIVE // Aspinal of London Travel Collection

Pricey? Absolutely. Super cute though? Yep! How fun is this travel wallet? Little tabs for Tickets, Passport, Boarding Passes, Documents, etc… I can’t get over how perfect all the little details are. A healthy dose of wanderlust never hurt anyone and I would say this little travel collection has mine at an all-time high!

What’s on your radar this week?

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Sorcha M.

When I was younger I never saw the appeal of a travel wallet. It confused me why you would use a different wallet just because you were going abroad. Now I'm in love with them – my organisational kicks have definitely gotten stronger as I've grown up! 😉

Sorcha x Bright Field Notes


Could you elaborate more about the Boston Ballet and why it was such a good experience? You were invited to attend, yet you only give vague details about the event. This leaves readers unsure of whether or not the Ballet is even worth seeing.