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Okay so I feel like I start any post even remotely related to design with this disclaimer: I am awful when it comes to decorating. It’s not my cup of tea at all. Do I know what I like? Absolutely. Do I have the vision? Nope. Do I have the skills to pull off anything? Certainly not.
I mostly get overwhelmed by trying to create a perfect space. Pinterest gives me all these ideas and, also thanks to Pinterest, I see ridiculously beautiful rooms. But I just can’t get there.
Our bedroom has been a bit of a work in progress. I’m not the type of person who can plan a room, buy everything, and do these super fast “installs.” I have to tweak things little by little and slowwwwwwly add things as I go. It’s been eight months since we moved in and this is where things stand.
This side of the room is pretty good to go, but we still have to hang some frames and pretty up the rest of the room. But let’s just focus on this side of the space, shall we?
The dogs love the bed. I wouldn’t let Teddy on the bed for months when I first got him and then I caved. I don’t even care about the germs/dirt. I live for puppy snuggles. Teddy likes to sleep by our feet and he has to be touching both of us in some way. Hamilton sprawls out in between our heads. (Slash he often sleeps on top of my head…)
I saw a photo on Pinterest with Hats hanging on the wall. I popped in a few nails one afternoon and actually love them hanging up. They fill up a little white space and it’s practical to keep them hanging instead of their usual semi-squished stack in my closet.
Also while we’re talking about our bedroom, I have to give you an update on our mattress. 4Sleep sent us a mattress when we moved in. It’s one of the mattresses that comes shipped in a box and expands when you open it. It was really quite entertaining to watch it “grow” in front of our eyes, but it’s also genuinely the most comfortable mattress ever. Think the most comfortable hotel mattress you’ve ever slept on.
It’s somehow soft and firm at the same time. The only problem is that it makes getting out of bed in the morning that much more difficult ?
If you follow me on Snapchat you probably noticed that I had a pair of gingham pillows and ended up swapping them out for another pair from Target that I found. (They’re super affordable and come in a great khaki and red version too.)
The original gingham pillows ended up being more blue than navy. (If you’re in southern Connecticut and want them… email me! I’d love for them to go to a new home!)
Buoy Print (c/o)
I think I’m going to do a quick little walking tour of our apartment on Snapchat in the next few days if you’re interested in that!

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Jordan A

Love your room, and the pictures with the pups? So cute!! I was dying over your snapchat story with the pillows the other day, they look great!

Jordan @ NorthShoreProper.com

Memorie Carden

I absolutely love your bedroom! It's so unlike my decorating style, and I still love it! And where do I get a pair of puppies like that? So cute!



Your room is gorgeous! I am moving to Philly this fall and need ideas on furniture. Do you have any go to places for furniture besides the places listed on your living room post? I LOVE the bed frame 🙂

Sophia Briggs

Hey, your bedroom is awesome. The hats hanging on the wall, the pillows, table lamp and everything in your room is perfect. The color of wall is very descent. But I how have question, from where I do get sweet puppies that you have?