Lilly and Jack

This post has two of my favorite parts of summer: Lilly shift dresses and Jack Rogers sandals. It’s a tried and true combination. You can’t go wrong! Zappos carries both brands, and you can really create an endless number of options for outfits. One stop shop and really fast, free shipping. (Whenever I am unsure of a size for shoes, I always pick Zappos because the shipping is so fast. I order two and return– with free return shipping– the one that doesn’t fit.)
This particular Lilly dress spoke to me. The print is bright and punchy, which ended up being ideal for this somewhat overcast but still warm day. I also love that the lace detailing on the front breaks up the shift and makes it a little bit more interesting. 
I have a ton of Jack Rogers sandals from over the years, but I decided to mix it up with this double strap style. While it’s a little different than the favorite Navajo sandal, it still has that classic Jack Rogers look and feel. (I’m just going to throw it out there that they’re way more comfortable and don’t need to be broken in!!)
Favorite Lillys:

Favorite Jacks:

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PS If you’re looking for a unique pair of Jack Rogers, how amazingly cute is this plaid pair???

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Mary Higgins

I have been seriously considering getting those style Jacks for a while but I feel as though they look so weird on me! I have 4 pairs of the classic Navajo's – but I am afraid that these are also even harder to break in than my other ones!
I see you think that they are more comfortable – but my friends said that they were harder to break in!
would you recommend getting them? They look so good on you!

Allison D

OMG I just bought a Lilly dress for my sister's graduation that is almost identical!! Mine has the lace that stops halfway down, but same print! 🙂


Carly – that fuscia lipstick looks *incredible* on you. What a gorgeous choice for spring 🙂

On a more serious level, thank you for the thought, insight, and honesty you put into this blog. You strike a really lovely balance between fun/aspirational topics (like Lilly and Jack) and more serious concerns, like adjusting to adulthood, managing relationships, and reaching one's potential. You are a gem and the work you do it important.

Jordan A

Lilly and Jacks are truly a match made in heaven! I love that orange and pink print, it's so pretty for summer!

Jordan @ NorthShoreProper.com