A Good Weekend

I think the sign of a good weekend is how tired you are when it’s over. Currently, I’m trying to keep my eyelids open. So… this was a good weekend. A great one even.
Last week, as I feel like I’ve mentioned 389327 times, was so intense and overwhelming. Good stress, I learned, is still stress. The only thing I was looking forward to all week long was my mom coming into town! I was taking the days hour by hour, with the big picture being my mom getting out of a cab on Friday afternoon. There’s just something so great about having family in town– and moms are the best.
My mom’s best friend from college’s daughter is going to school in the city, so the four of us made all sorts of plans for playing and eating. These are all iPhone pictures and it’s a serious photoverload, but it was just too much fun to not share.
We started the afternoon for a favorite, late pasta lunch at Eataly. We changed and then went to go see the Rockettes. I haven’t seen the Rockettes since I was little (nine or ten?), so I was really excited. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t as much high kicking as I thought there would be. (Way too much “story,” not enough Rockette-ing!) Just as I remembered though, I loved the costumes. I’m kicking (hehe) myself for dropping dance classes in eighth grade. I missed my true calling…
We were completely in the holiday spirit pre-Thanksgiving. Okay! We ended the night with cupcakes, cheesecake, apple pie, and french fries. (I mean, I basically rolled home…)
Meesh met Teddy! Love at first sight…
After brunch, we did the usual shopping up and down Madison Avenue. I fell in love with this coat and the decorations outside of Laduree! We had the best weather on Saturday for walking around at our own pace. Jane worked in the afternoon, so Judy, my mom, and I did more shopping downtown and ate black & white cookies with coffee. 
Because we ate so much all day, dinner was super late and Garrett and his friend met us at The Smith. Let me just say… my mom was in her element. I was basically under the table mortified because she toed the line and then absolutely, 100% crossed it. (But, in true Meesh fashion, she was so so so funny, even if it was at my expense.)
We all took turns with Meesh in the photo booth (ha!). She’s the cutest.
^^ That would be my mom and Garrett’s friend.
That’s how we were all feeling after dinner. Exhausted.
Today was kind of rainy, but we had a cozy little brunch and then did a little bit of shopping before having to say goodbye 🙁
No emails this weekend– yay! Unfortunately, that means I’m really dreading tomorrow morning… but the weekend was too fun for emailing 😉 And the best news? I’m going back to Florida super soon for Thanksgiving!
This weekend was good for my soul… What did you do this weekend?

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What Kate Likes

I spy you kissing someone on the cheek….! 😉

I'm so glad that you're so happy with everything in your life! You seem totally at peace and like you're really enjoying everything that's happening, rather than just living through it.


Looks like an awesome weekend! My mom is coming for her annual Christmas trip to NYC in a few weeks and I am so, so excited 🙂