A little bit quieter

I’m going to be a little bit on the quieter side over the next few days. (I’ll probably have plenty to Tweet about since I’ll be with my family though!)

Things are winding down at work (at least a little bit), in preparation for the craziness of 2013!!! And I think it’s now or never for resting up. I plan on getting some reading underway, some editorial planning done, and just generally tying up a few loose ends. I want to go into 2013 feeling refreshed and ready.

Basically, I’ve come up with a list of goals to prepare myself for my big 2013. (I’m planning on breaking down the process I’m implementing for that later!) For now, I really need to set things up and close a few chapters and, again, tie up the loose ends.

The past couple of months have been a little up and down crazy-town, so I’m looking forward to spending the next week or so simply regrouping and recharging. Blog posts might be a little bit light, but I’ll try to check in with fun small posts to keep the ball rolling. (I find that slowing down is better than stopping… I need to maintain a bit of momentum!)

I hope that you enjoy your break as well… but I think it’s totally acceptable to come back here for a couple of minutes to see what’s new!


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