by Daniel Pink
This is a really interesting book! I brought home a stack of books from the Levo office to read over break, so I’m trying to wrap this one up. I may or may not have been quoting it last week and/or referencing specific pages. If you work with people (which, hello, I think we all do to a certain degree), I definitely recommend it.
Dunkin Donuts Hot Cocoa K-Cups
I have a Keurig and while I’m typically brewing coffee, I’ve been opting for Hot Cocoa. I definitely made a cup one night and then realized how desperately it was missing marshmallows. The next day, I picked up a big bag of mini marshmallows and my nights are just that much better.
Dove Style + Care Hairspray
This is what is helping me cope with the #CurlChallenge. I used to use spray gel, but I find that this hairspray is light enough where my hair doesn’t get that gross crunch. It tames the frizz and holds the curls, but still lets my hair have it’s natural feel.

There are only a couple of days where this playlist will work for me (until next year, of course), so I’m getting as much use out of it as possible. Not purposefully planned, but still useful, is the fact that it’s 50 minutes long. I know that when I get to the first song again, it’s probably a good time for a break!


My apartment is almost always freezing. I have to wear these little guys all the time. They’re so thick (and perfect for bean boots too). I wear them pretty much as slippers!

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That book looks fantastic, definitely going on my to-read list for next year. Those socks are really nice too, perfect for keeping warm. Have a great holiday! 🙂


I have naturally wavy hair and gave up on trying to straighten it every day years ago! I use a couple handfuls of mousse in my hair when I get out of the shower, and this works great for me! I usually use either Paul Mitchell or TreSemme (sp?). Also, I highly recommend using Joico's KPAK Reconstructor shampoo and conditioner – it makes AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE!!! Really helps heal your hair from heat damage. 🙂

P.S. Thanks for letting us all in on LevoLeague. I just recently joined and I am loving it! I am hoping to get an internship this summer and have learned a lot already from the site!

Allison Leighann

I love this idea. I may actually use it on my own page. (:
And I love those socks! Too bad Christmas is so close or I'd have asked for a few pair.

Hope you're having a great day!


Such a cute post! I asked Santa for some J.Crew socks this Christmas (; They look super comfortable and great for bean boots.