YIKES! Last minute presents

I’m so not going to judge here, but did you forget a couple of people on your list? Maybe you weren’t quite sure if you were doing a gift exchange? Or you just were too busy to shop at all?
It’s totally fine.
You still have time!
Pandora Subscription | This is a gift that I have both given and received and it is THE best. I feel like most people suffer through those annoying ads and hit the monthly limit two weeks in. But, giving this gift is awesome. My favorite part is that it lasts all year long!
Starbucks E-Card | This is a little less personal, but it’s perfect for little gift exchanges when you want to show appreciation. Pick the denomination and send it to the recipient’s email inbox. Even better? Add a personal note with the person’s favorite drink order (grande skinny vanilla soy latte one sweet n low extra hot in a vente cup)!
Nordstrom E-Card | The key with e-cards is to make an effort to show that you know the person well and you’re not just doing a cop out gift. For example, add a note here that says, “A little bit closer to the Kate Spade sunnies that I know you’ve been eyeing!” You may not be able to afford the sunglasses, but this shows that you know your friend really wants them and you want to help them get closer to the goal!
J. Crew | This is great for friends that you know love the store, but you don’t know sizes or whatever. Again, don’t forget to add a personal note: “Pick out a sweater in your favorite color!” 
Virtual Book | Books make the best gifts. They’re definitely my personal favorite. On Barnes & Noble, you can send nook books to friends! Send a personal favorite or a classic, directly to your friend!

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Gift cards are totally my pet peeve…I feel like it's so impersonal/tacky that it's worse than nothing at all. But that's just me.

On the other hand, sending an ebook is a great idea, especially since even if they don't have an e-reader, chances are they have a phone that can download a nook or kindle app.

Erica Cornish

Great choices! gift cards are always a nice idea, you may not know if someone already has an item or not or you just know that is one of the persons favorite places to shop. I have never gotten why people think gift cards are bad gift, the only thing it makes you look like you don't care, but when in the sameway it makes you look like you do (by knowing where the person likes to shop, or what they like to buy). The e-book and Pandora are great gifts hands down, those are things people would use all the time.

The whole gift card deal with me, is aleast the person took the time to get you SOMETHING, and not because it's not an actually iteam its a bad present.

Julia D.

"The key with e-cards is to make an effort to show that you know the person well and you're not just doing a cop out gift." Too true. I also love the book idea. Had no clue that you could do that!