This belt is one of the best fashion purchases I’ve made in a while. While I love the look of belts, I typically struggle to find ones that fit both my style and my body. I don’t really want to wear a giant logo around my waist and I also want to be able to wear a belt both at my natural waist (for a dress) and around my hips (like with pants). This belt is pure genius and must be shared in a full-blown dedicated post.

(Also, don’t be surprised if you see this in– at least– 50% of my outfit photos from now on!)

Preppy Belt

There are so many things I like about the belt. Starting with the cute buckle. I’d consider a winner just based on the buckle. The clasp is modeled after a braided rope and really pops. It’s classic and understated but still makes a statement. (PS It comes in navy & red too!)

Tulip Sleeve Shirt

And here’s where the real genius comes in. I can’t stand it when a belt only fits around my hips or only fits around my natural waist. Even belts with holes can be cumbersome because, when worn with a dress, I find the “tail” to be extra long and distracting.

Tuckernuck Belt

The belt is designed to adjust with no “tails” in sight. It’s really easy to adjust the belt, but it doesn’t re-adjust once you’re wearing it (i.e. it doesn’t loosen up throughout the day). I usually wrap the belt loosely around wherever I want to wear it (hips, waist, natural waist, etc.), come up with a general size and get as close as I can. Then I put it on and do a little final tweaking here and there until the belt is comfortable and looks good.

Adjustable Belt  Belt // Shirt // Jeans // Dress

PS These belts are similarly adjustable (they adjust near the clasp, not in the back though).

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Ordered this in cognac from Tuckernuck the first time you posted about the genius adjustable belt – I love it! It’s on constant rotation. Must get it in navy and red. Thanks for the recommendation (also got “the shirt” from Tuckernuck based on your post). Belated Happy Birthday (or Hoya Birthday)!


When I first saw you post this miracle belt on your Insta… I ordered some near-identical ones from Amazon (great deal too), and oh my goodness… amazing.